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    How to make more time to read

    chriselle_lim_5_books-1-21 How to make more time to readP5011462k How to make more time to readHey guys!
    You may have noticed the less frequent posting on here. On one side, the weather is so amazing at the moment that I’d rather spend time outside instead in front of my screen. Then my dear friend was not around to take any photos and me basically to lazy to arrange something different… And on the other side, I got interested in other topics like Yoga (I turned into a yogini ;)), reading books or just be with friends and meet new people.
    Lately I took some extra time off or used the commute for reading books I started to get more interested in creating a reading list and find new great teachings. Therefore I’d love to share 3 tips how you can make time to read: Continue Reading →

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