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    Copenhagen II

    P1018918-1024x768 Copenhagen II
    P1018928-1024x768 Copenhagen II

    P1018936-768x1024 Copenhagen II

    P1018944-1024x768 Copenhagen II
    P1018946-1024x768 Copenhagen II
    P1018960-1024x768 Copenhagen II
    P1018962-768x1024 Copenhagen II
    P1018968-1024x768 Copenhagen II
    P1018974 Copenhagen II
    P1018975-768x1024 Copenhagen II
    P1018977-768x1024 Copenhagen II
    P1018979-1024x768 Copenhagen II
    P1018986-1024x768 Copenhagen II
    P1018990-768x1024 Copenhagen II
    P1018991-768x1024 Copenhagen II


    Oh well, how this weekend flew by and it’s already Monday again! I officially handed in my thesis this morning 😀  It felt so good but still strange to hold the printed version of half a year of work in my hands. Nonetheless, it’s really refreshing to cross this from my list (even though after some last minute stress and problems as always)…. 😛 Now starting a real job/ internship feels so adult but just GREAT.

    Not many words about the photos as I think they speak for themselves. Just some advice for Copenhagen I think is important. In my opinion it’s the best way to explore the city and see different spots by renting a bike. Then you are so free and can drive around wherever you like. The second day we were so lucky to have great weather (still windy) so that made biking a lot of fun!

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