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    South Korea II

    My friend and me we went in the evening to a beautiful pond. look at those lightening and reflections in the water. Isn’t it magic?! I’ve never seen such a wonderful place.DSC0156 South Korea II


    DSC0157 South Korea II


    DSC0164 South Korea II


    DSC0167 South Korea II
     In the next two pictures are some huge tombs. I’ve never seen something like that in Europe. I think it’s very special that Asians used to bury their kings in about 60 meters high and 120 meter long tombs. At first I thought that these were natural hills but not at all 😉
     We could have a look inside one of the tombs.
    DSC0175 South Korea II
     Funny Buddha in front of a museum.
    DSC0249 South Korea II
     Picture at the tongdosa temple, I think the biggest one in Korea. On this day it was so hot and I was wearing long jeans :S
    DSC0269 South Korea II
     Beautiful temple decorations.
    DSC0272 South Korea II


    DSC0273 South Korea II
     In Busan at the fishmarket. When I arrived there I was a bit feared of all those fishes and the strong fish smell. But also so impressing. I think I’ve never seen so many fishes in one place. These ones were drying, so my friend told me.
    DSC0312 South Korea II
    DSC0313 South Korea II
     me at the fishmarket. It was just too hot…


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