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    Things to do in Sylt, Germany: A 4-Days Guide (#EmbraceGermanNature)

    Sylt, Deutschland Ein 4-Tage Kurzurlaub Ratgeber - Strandkorb Aussicht quer

    Sylt-Deutschland-Ein-4-Tage-Kurzurlaub-Ratgeber-Rote-Kliff-2-1024x576 Things to do in Sylt, Germany: A 4-Days Guide (#EmbraceGermanNature)Sylt is a precious habitat and beneficial holiday destination, a paradise-like refuge and a place of peace and relaxation. Sylt, also called the “Queen of the North Sea”, is located in the Schleswig-Holstein Wadden Sea National Park and, at 99 square kilometers, is the fourth largest island in Germany. Therefore, it is a perfect holiday destination for nature enthusiasts: the play of colours of white beaches, red cliffs and purple blossoming heath, framed by the blue of the sea. The smells of the sea, the scent of salt marshes and the eternal murmur of the surf. Want more?

    Together with the German National Tourist Board, I had the opportunity to actively discover the island of Sylt. In this article I would like to show you what you can experience, see and eat during 4-Days trip to Sylt. I recommend that you choose one part of the island for each day. Everything is easily accessible by bike and therefore even more fun! Continue Reading →

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