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Back to the Roots – Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac

832F6F8E-78D4-40CD-A2C3-2AFA8C3C5AB4-1024x683 Back to the Roots - Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-LacDid you know that many farms in Switzerland also offer the possibility to spend your vacation in their accommodation? I’ve had the chance to visit one of the beautiful sites in Romandie next to the most beautiful nature reserves across Europe. There are many agritourism options in Switzerland. Accommodation can differ from simple and rustic to upscale and boutique. But all of them have something in common: they offer a unique and locally immersive way to travel and explore. Furthermore, the places bring you back to the roots, close to nature and make you appreciate the simple and beautiful things life has to offer.

La Ferme de la Corbière


La Ferme de la Corbière is located in the middle of an exceptional natural site, on the south shore of Lake Neuchâtel and just a 20 minutes walk to the city center of Estavayer-le-Lac. The property encloses 8000m2 camping space, untouched nature and free choice of location. Next to the regular camping spaces they have also more premium guest rooms and simple dormitory rooms. If you prefer to experience something special then the tiny houses make your childhood dreams come true. Sleeping in a very basic hut was so lovely. It just consisted of a double bed and a few lamps but nothing more was needed to slow down and enjoy. In the night we heard also the rain outside and that felt like very dreamy summer night.

La Ferme de la Corbière has a private beach with access to the lake and also a surrounding forest where you can explore take long walks or simply relax with watching the birds or reading a book. On the ground itself there is a kids ground with swings and trampolines, volley field, Ping-Pong table and also various tables for grill and picknick. The property offers a delicious breakfast (outside in summer!) and there are many great restaurants nearby for lunch and dinner.1C437AD9-36F8-4893-B14A-78DD04F08DB2-1024x683 Back to the Roots - Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac B6E028F7-CB10-47CA-8A3E-0AD4B2FD97EB-1024x683 Back to the Roots - Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac C289DEC3-385E-43FB-99B9-F723869D855D-1024x683 Back to the Roots - Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac


Of course you can stay at the place and relax and simply enjoy the view to Lake Neuchâtel. As mentioned before they offer various activities for kids. Since it is a farm you can also connect with the owners and cuddle with the dogs and cats 😊 all are so friendly and welcoming.

Private Beach

From the property you can walk to the beach and it’s again a lovely ground for truly getting immersed in nature! The view is fantastic and it’s a safe place for the kids to play and run.B043F015-7BAB-4869-A9CE-93718982B7DD-1024x683 Back to the Roots - Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac 873CC704-C135-44E5-821E-759320FAE7D1-1024x683 Back to the Roots - Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac


This small medieval town on the south-eastern shore of Lake Neuchâtel combines one of Europe’s most beautiful nature reserves with the pleasures of a versatile water sports paradise.

Settled in prehistoric times, colonised by the Romans, plundered by barbarians, coveted by landlords. In Estavayer, many things bear witness to its rich history: the 12th century Savoyard castle, the Gothic collegiate church and the cobbled streets. A walk along the former town wall gives you a good overview of the town. The most beautiful panorama of the Jura is from Moudon Square. Numerous rural inns and bars serve regional specialities. For art lovers and the curious, the medieval town offers also much to explore!CEFCAF04-166A-4C73-9E40-994A78EB024C-1024x683 Back to the Roots - Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac 0C48B89F-387D-49F1-9710-F4A3B92FC735-1024x683 Back to the Roots - Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac 502AD4CA-A1A0-4327-887A-4EC6C28842A9-1024x683 Back to the Roots - Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac

La Grande Cariçaie & Gletterens

Many varied hiking and cycling trails invite you to discover the rural surroundings of Estavayer. The rolling hills in the hinterland form the backdrop for attractive hikes and bike tours are attracting outdoor interested people.

The “Grande Cariçaie”, one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Europe, stretches along the entire southern shore of Lake Neuchâtel. The wetland provides a habitat for 1000 plant and 10,000 animal species. Around a third of Switzerland’s entire flora and a quarter of all animal species known in Switzerland live here. Viewing points and observation huts are set up along the nature trails, and you can deepen your knowledge in the two nature centres – BirdLife in La Sauge and Pro Natura in Champ-Pittet. From la Ferme de la Corbière it’s just 20 minutes away by car and the walk stretches around 2-4 hours.

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If you would also like to experience a farm holiday alone, with your partner or your family, you can use the myfarm platform on the Switzerland Tourism website to find a suitable farm. Here you will also find many reviews from others who have already been there and you have a large selection of farms in Switzerland that offer holidays. Of course, you also have the option of booking your stay at the Ferme de La Corbière.

“Back to the Roots – Agritourism Stay in Estavayer-le-Lac” was written in cooperation with Switzerland Tourism. All content, photos, and views belong to Naturellymichaela.

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