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Wellness & Hiking – Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario

The summer season has started and probably many of us don’t want to travel far or leave our country at all. In fact, there is really no reason to do so, because Switzerland is extremely beautiful. Come to Kurhaus Cademario to find your equilibrium with wellness & hiking

It’s no secret that the southern part of Switzerland is also known as the “Swiss Italy” – Ticino is so close to Italy that most of the time you go there, you feel already in “Bella Italia”. Not only because the people speak Italian, but also the lifestyle is more relaxed and so heartwarming friendly.

The canton with its mild climate and Mediterranean environment perfectly blended with Alpine passes and valleys offers so much to stay for a long weekend. You won’t be disappointed by all the possibilities to enjoy the time. Kurhaus Cademario is an incredibly beautiful, romantic and healing place.

We’ve been here in January while everything was in the deepest beauty sleep. Now in the mid of summer nature and the Kurhaus too present themselves in a beautiful and colourful way. The Kurhaus is located at one of the sunniest places in Switzerland and is easily reachable by public transport from Lugano.Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga4-768x1024 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario

The Hotel

Since over a century the Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa is the perfect place to spend a weekend or vacation fully dedicated to the relaxation of body and soul. The Kurhaus was originally a German care home founded by Dr. Adolf Keller who focused on “physical and psychological well-being. Today, the Kurhaus is still one of the leading hotels for well-being, relaxation, and health. The complex offers a breathtakingly beautiful view over the lake Lugano due to its privileged location. We were able to enjoy the view every day from the terrace while enjoying their delicious breakfast buffet or 3-course dinner.

Our room offered an enchanting view of lake Lugano and was equipped with all the necessary amenities. And the balcony offers incomparable views – watching sunrise and sunset from your private spot is amazing!

The hotel has adapted to the special circumstances due to the pandemic and installed various security and sanity measures. With this, you can truly relax and leave the daily stress behind you.Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga_3 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga44-1024x683 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga20-768x1024 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario

The Spa

The main reason why the Kurhaus is worth a visit is its highlight the 2,200 m² Spa, a perfect place to immerse yourself in complete well-being. The tranquillity and astonishing views offered by the extraordinary scenery that stretches from Lake Lugano to the Alps lets you completely emerge in the now.

Furthermore, they offer special DOT. treatments which are re-energizing for all your senses. They say that the Spa is located at a place of high energy – and indeed – when you are there, you feel the positive influences on your body, mind and soul.Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga3-768x1024 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario

The Restaurant

At Kurhaus Cademario the cuisine surprises you with eye-catching creations made with fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. The menu was a bit more reduced due to the COVID implications but nonetheless they had several vegan dishes to choose from. Furthermore, most of the dishes are wholesome and healthy (except if you choose burger and fries). The DOT. Menu I introduced in my first blogpost is still available but this time with summer choices. And the best part of it all – the desserts were all vegan and we tested our way through the menu and can approve all of them (#foodcoma included)Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga_1 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga_10 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus CademarioKurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga26-1024x576 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario

The breakfast buffet offers sweet and salty options. Literally the best way to start into the day with delicious food and an incomparable view over lake Lugano. Don’t forget to try the coffee (or soy cappuccino) close to Italy the coffee tastes always 100 times better 🙂 Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga_5 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario

The Hike

Ticino is a paradise for outdoor activities. Of course, it is beautifully relaxing to spend the weekend at the Kurhaus and enjoy the pool and Spa. But if you like to enjoy a more active day, you shouldn’t miss the very best hike in Ticino! Monte Tamaro – Monte Lema is a beautiful but also challenging hike which offers breathtaking views over the region of Lugano and Locarno and their lakes surrounding valleys. If you are lucky enough you can see far over the Swiss border to the Italian villages.

Start: Rivera
End: Miglieglia
Distance: 12.7 km
Hiking time: 5hrs
Ascent: 848m
Descent: 911m
Time: 5 hrs


The trip starts in Rivera, where you can take the cableway up to Alpe Foppa. The place is already very inviting for families with an adventure park m paragliding and mountain biking options. For all the architecture friends – the spectacular Santa Maria deghli Angeli church, designed by Mario Botta also awaits you on Alpe Foppa.

The first ascent to the summit of Monte Tamaro already invites you to admire the nature and surrounding lakes. On our way we stopped many times to take a rest, capture some photos but most importantly admire the mountains and views. Furthermore, I never saw so many alpine roses. It was like walking along a pink flower garden.

This 5 hours itinerary between Ticino and Italy requires some degree of fitness, not so much because its level of difficulty (it’s classified as a T2) but more because of its duration. From the Lema you can go down to Miglieglia using the cableway. Alpe Foppa offers accommodation and food, as do the restaurant on Monte Lema. However, you’ll need to take a good reserve of water and a nice picknick, as along the path sources are very restricted. Proper mountain equipment is also recommended. We very super happy to have a packed lunch freshly prepared by the Kurhaus crew. So whenever you’ll be out for the day, simply request a lunch package and the Kurhaus will surprise you with something delicious 🙂

PS: If you are doing the hike, make sure you have a proper mountain equipment, sun protection and enough water with you.

Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga_2 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus CademarioKurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga1-1024x703 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga9-768x1024 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga51-768x1024 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga39-1024x683 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario Kurhaus-Cademario-Naturelly-Michaela-Summer-Yoga50-768x1024 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario.

Qi Gong & Yoga

During the summer months and particularly in July, the Kurhaus Cademario offers a special wellness weekend package dedicated to the personal equilibrium. It includes a Qi Gong session and additional Chinese medicine treatment or massage. We were lucky enough to test the offer and I could not have wished for anything more relaxing and recharging. The Kurhaus is already by itself a place with an intensely calming energy field but with Qi Gong it’s much better! It takes place in the beautiful close by forest clearing.

2B7FACF6-EB4B-4526-8DA9-08E55E79ACC7-858x1024 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario

The forest clearing is also a great place to do some Yoga or meditation. It’s a place to completely forget the everyday stress, focus on your breath and listen to the chirping birds.

I am glad to announce that Kurhaus Cademario offers you a 15% discount with the code NATURA for all bookings until end of August!

Have you ever been in Ticino? What is your favourite spot there?

*Thank you Kurhaus Cademario for having us!

DSC_1482_1-1024x681 Wellness & Hiking - Find your equilibrium at Kurhaus Cademario

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