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Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul

It’s no secret that the southern part of Switzerland is also known as the “Swiss Italy” – Ticino is so close to Italy that most of the time you go there, you feel already in “Bella Italia”. Not only because the people speak Italian, but also the lifestyle is more relaxed and so heartwarming friendly.

The canton with its mild climate and Mediterranean environment perfectly blended with Alpine passes and valleys offers so much to stay for a long weekend. You won’t be disappointed by all the possibilities to enjoy the time. Here I am giving you an insight into a beautiful, romantic and healing place – Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa.

At 850 meters above sea level, the village of Cademario is one of the sunniest places in Switzerland. Thanks to its location only twelve kilometers from Lugano the Kurhaus can be easily reached by public transport or car.

Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul.jpg13 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul

The Hotel

Originally, I planned to visit the Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa in summer for a yoga retreat. But I had the chance to escape cloudy, grey Zurich and get some extra vitamin D in the Southern part of Switzerland this January. The Kurhaus was originally a German care home founded by Dr. Adolf Keller who focused on “physical and psychological well-being and it already suggests its clear origins from its name. It was built over a century ago in 1914 and became the first sanatorium which was open all year-round thanks to its privileged and sunny location. Today, after a multi-year restructuring plan, Kurhaus Cademario is still one of the leading hotels for well-being, relaxation, and health.

Our room offered an enchanting view of lake Lugano and was equipped with all the necessary amenities. And the balcony offers incomparable views – watching sunrise and sunset from your private spot is amazing!  On our arrival we even got a beautiful fruit platter and welcome drink.

Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul73 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul5 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulKurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul.jpg16 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul

The Spa

Building on its centuries-old tradition, one of its highlights is the 2,200 m² Spa, a perfect place to immerse yourself in complete well-being. The tranquility and unparalleled views offered by the extraordinary scenery that stretches from Lake Lugano to the Alps has remained unchanged since its origins. The outdoor pool offers a unique experience and on our stay, we had it always for ourselves 🙂 Furthermore, they offer special DOT. treatments which are re-energizing for all your senses. They say that the Spa is located at a place of high energy – and indeed – when you are there, you feel the positive influences on your body, mind and soul.

Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul9 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul.jpg17 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul

The Restaurant

At Kurhaus Cademario the cuisine surprises with fresh, first-choice seasonal dishes. The Chef F. Passoni’s passion will accompany you through a true journey of flavors, from Italy to innovative creations with exotic flavors.

Since it was very important for the founder Dr. Adolph Keller, that the food is wholesome, healthy and has a healing effect on the body, the dishes are specifically constituted to these needs. The Chef & a dietician have created a special DOT. Menu, which offers culinary creations that are beneficial for your body, mind and soul. And what delighted me most – they have delicious vegan dishes (including a raw sacher torte!!!)

The breakfast buffet is also a class for itself. From the very best coffee, to (vegan) Birchermüesli, fresh Italian clementines to vegan croissants filled with apricot jam. You get anything your taste desires. Starting off the day with positive food paired with an incomparable view over lake Lugano is pure wellness.

Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul.jpg11 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulKurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul6 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul3 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulKurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul7 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul

I tried my way through the vegan options… Heavenly delicious!Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul2 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulKurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulKurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul1 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulBreakfast Heaven! Try the vegan Croissant! It’s amazing 🙂

The Activities

Ticino is a paradise for outdoor activities. It is no secret that no matter if summer or winter – the Southern Canton of Switzerland is the sunny place to go and recharge your batteries. Good food, sunshine and nature is all you need.

At Kurhaus Cademario, you can start your day with a gym session overviewing Lake Lugano or Yoga with a magnificent view to the garden. In the summer month there is a special energetic place in the wood where you can enjoy the morning meditation or rise and shine with your Sun Salutations.

From thereof, you can choose relaxing activities such as the Spa at Kurhaus Cademario, an E-Bike tour or walk around the forest. We went on a bike tour and cycled all the way to Santa Maria. That little church offers an outstanding view and would be perfect for a summer picnic. Another beautiful walk starts straight from the Kurhaus Cademario to S.Bernardo church and from there you can enjoy the view back to the Kurhaus. You might realise that the Hotel is build at the most exquisite, sunny spot 😉

But also Lugano offers a variety of activities for every taste. For example, you can walk along the lake side or take a boat tour. For culturally interested: the newly renovated Lac Museum is nice from what I heard!

Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul.jpg14 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulKurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul.jpg15-768x1024 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul67C43F87-4335-4E7F-AD68-4D4976CF0BD0-683x1024 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulKurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul.jpg12 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulBeautiful Yoga Room with a wonderful view!Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul.jpg10 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulE8BEBC43-CEE8-416B-9563-9C57439FDDA6-1024x768 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulTrip to Lugano! Highly recommendedKurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul4 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulBy bike to Santa Maria


Ticino is a beautiful getaway for hiking. I’ve been hiking mostly in other parts of Switzerland as you might know (Zermatt, Engadin,…). Let me tell you, it’s not easy to choose which peak you want to climb. But you can experience it the way you like and make your holidays unique. For sure you can enjoy unparalleled views and panoramic scenery.

Monte San Salvatore, Monte Lema, Monte Bré or Monte Tamaro – all are super close to Kurhaus Cademario and just perfect for physical activity and wellbeing.

We chose Monte San Salvatore (since it was the only one accessible in the winter season. But even then, there are some beautiful views and paths, you shouldn’t miss out.

Getting up to the peak you can either take the funicular or hike (2.5hrs). We chose the first option, since it was super windy and the hiking path was fully in the shadow. Once at the top, there are several viewpoints and hiking paths and I am pretty sure Monte San Salvatore will amaze you. Enjoy splendid views and soak in the sunshine.

Looking back at this marvelous weekend trip, I know one thing for sure: This was not my last time in Cademario nor in Ticino! Especially considering the fact, that the spot is easily reachable within 3 hours from Zurich by public transport. And what would be better than exploring local places within a short travel time and arriving at a beautiful and calm getaway?

Have you ever been in Ticino? What is your favourite spot there?

*Thank you Kurhaus Cademario for having us! Kurhaus-Cademario-wellness-for-body-mind-and-soul8 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulBE4C05FE-96ED-43E9-ACA9-A4E2B10BA2CF-1024x768 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soulFAC61185-0BE2-494C-9D80-171ADFA27265-1024x768 Kurhaus Cademario – Wellness for body, mind and soul

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