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Hiking Weekend in Davos – Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch

Hello my friends,

Until now I have visited Davos only in winter to go skiing and I especially love the region’s wide range of winter sports activities. Since I had the famous Jöriseen on my hiking list for quite some time, I put on my hiking boots together with Nina and spent a hiking weekend in the beautiful Prättigau and explored Jöriseen and Weissfluhjoch. The idyllic holiday region Davos-Klosters in beautiful Graubünden attracts many hikers even in summer and is a real hiking paradise. In addition, it is incredibly great that the guest card for public transport and mountain railways is included when you book an overnight stay in one of the Davos mountain hotels. How cool is that?

Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joeriseen-Weissfluhjoch-11-767x1024 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch

DAY 1: Jöriseen

Distance: 10.4 km
Hiking time: 4-5h
Ascent: 787 m
Descent: 782 m
Starting point & destination: stop “Wägerhus/Abzw. Jöriseen”

In addition to the well-known lake hikes in Switzerland, the Jöriseen belong to the insider tips among hikers. Whereas the well-known hiking routes such as the 5-Lakes Hike or Lake Cauma are always overcrowded on weekends, on this one Nina and me we were almost alone. The big advantage is, of course, that the Jöriseen are not easily accessible and therefore require good physical condition to reach.

From Davos there is a post bus to the bus stop “Wägerhus/Abzw. Jöriseen” from where the hiking trail is already signposted. The path leads up a pleasant panoramic trail and already there you can enjoy a great view of the surrounding valley. Due to a rockfall, the circular hike is currently closed and the “Winterlücke” cannot be passed. Therefore we hiked back on the same path.

Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_6 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_7 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch

After a little more than 90 minutes you reach the Jöriflüelafurgga (2725m) and a breathtaking view of the Caribbean blue mountain lakes will amaze you. After the ascent, the Jöriflüelafurgga offers a perfect opportunity to rest for a moment, enjoy the view and then tackle the descent to the lakes newly strengthened.

Since we arrived at the lakes only in the late afternoon, we were almost the last hikers on the way and the evening sun made the crystal clear water glitter.

It is important to note that the last bus already goes back to Davos at 17:41 o’clock. Otherwise it is rather difficult to get back to the village. But actually just the right time to stop and freshen up for a good dinner…

That evening we tested the new restaurant “Lokal” which offers a convincing menu with seasonal and regional dishes and especially delicious vegan options.

Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_10 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_5 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_9 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch


Weissfluhjoch – Grünsee – Casanna – Gotschnagrat

Distance: 12 km
Hiking time: 4-5h
Ascent: 580 m
Descent: 958 m
Starting point: Weissfluhjoch
Destination: Gotschnagrat

On the second day we explored the other side of the valley near Davos and took the Parsennbahn up to the Weissfluhjoch at 2685m. At the top we were greeted by icy temperatures and a very barren mountain landscape. We had the feeling to be on another planet, because the impressive white and red colored rocks reminded more of Mars than of Switzerland 😉

Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_4 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_1 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_8 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch

After a short descent the landscape changed completely and in the middle of a green meadow landscape the crystal clear and mystical Grünsee emerged. We took a detour to the Gotschnagrat. Along beautiful alpine flower fields and forests, the narrow hiking trail meanders past the Casanna to the cable car Gotschnagrat. From there we headed back to Davos and enjoyed a delicious lunch at KaffeeKlatsch before the journey home.

Have you ever been to Davos in summer? Or just skiing in winter?

More visual impressions can be found on Instagram or other hiking adventures on the blog.

Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joeriseen-Weissfluhjoch-768x1024 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch

Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joeriseen-Weissfluhoch-768x1024 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch

Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_3 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch Wanderwochenende-Davos-Joriseen-Weissfluhjoch_2 Hiking Weekend in Davos - Jöriseen & Weissfluhjoch

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