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Relaxation for all Senses – Astoria Resort Seefeld

The heat of the summer is over, nature wraps itself in a colourful dress and the clear autumn air offers a distant view like at no other time of the year. Go out into nature and conquer the magnificent mountain world around the Astoria Resort in Seefeld, because there is nothing more beautiful than a short holiday in the mountains. Relaxation can already be achieved after a short holiday over the weekend. It is important to be able to break out of everyday life in order to really switch off.

Therefore, I spent a wellness weekend in the Astoria Resort with my mom in the beautiful Olympic region Seefeld. With the right supporting programme and natural surroundings, mental and physical relaxation is guaranteed. Below I will tell you how you can actively recharge your batteries during a short break in the mountains. Arrange your free days, outside in the fresh air and with a good balance of active movement and recovery.

Everyday life is often very stressful and in the digital age we have so much to do and are always reachable and online. This permanent stress makes you tired and brings you out of balance. Therefore it is important to create a balance through relaxation. Especially on weekends or even holidays we want to rebuild our organism in order to feel well and balanced in our skin again.

We arrived already on Friday afternoon for our short getaway and after an extensive tour through the beautiful and recently renovated hotel rooms we took a long walk around the Wildmoos lake. While on Saturdays we enjoyed a long hike and evening wellness, Sunday was dedicated to a short hike and more relaxation in the SPA.

Personal time-out

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-12 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-6 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-2 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld


The wellness hotel Astoria is located in the Olympic region Seefeld in Tyrol. Just a few minutes walk from the town centre, it is located quiet and sunny at an altitude of 1,200 metres. Exclusive, in the middle of a 20,000 m2 hotel park and with a fantastic view of the Seefeld plateau, the hotel invites you to relax and unwind. The resort is managed with a personal and familiar ambience and every single room was designed by the hostess Elisabeth Gürtler. We had a cute room with a fantastic balcony view on the natural lake and the surrounding mountain peaks.

The hotel impresses with a lot of wood and Alpin Chic. We were told that the antlers in the hotel all fell off in a natural way, i.e. no animal was shot because of it. The personal touch of the hosts was especially underlined by a photo wall and small gifts during our stay. We felt very comfortable all around.

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-8 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-5 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort SeefeldAstoria-Seefeld-Entschleunigung-für-Körper-und-Seele33-1024x768 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld


The SPA is unique and in the 4,700 m2 wellness oasis with numerous pools, wellness treatments and relaxation rooms you can literally forget all the stress. Especially after a hike the relaxation is unbelievably good.
The ASTORIA Alpin Aktiv Spa & Spa Chalet has a lot to offer: Heated 20 m Infinity sports pool, heated brine whirlpool in idyllic natural garden, year-round heated indoor and outdoor panorama pool and a 800 m² natural bathing lake with an alpine beach.

The offer is characterised by these three worlds:
Sauna world: regenerating, vitalising, restful and has something for every sauna lover
Water world: The diverse pools and the natural bathing lake invite you to recharge your batteries and enliven your senses
Treatment world: The multifaceted range of treatments on offer allow you to be pampered with a massage. I had the opportunity to test the singing bowl massage with Markus and afterwards I felt like floating on clouds. Very recommendable.

Relaxation world: Cosy relaxation rooms offer you the perfect escape after a busy day.

Movement world: There is a variety of activities you can choose from. E-Bike tours or Yoga classes!

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-10 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

Astoria-Seefeld-Entschleunigung-für-Körper-und-Seele29-1024x768 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-14 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-1 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld


With a healthy diet you can make a significant contribution to your recovery. The body reacts to what we give it and healthy food makes us feel good.
Already on the first evening a Mediterranean menu surprised us. The ingredients are sourced locally and the freshness of the dishes is noticeable. The chefs also took great effort to conjure up an exquisite vegan menu. Really fantastic! The beautiful area is designed in an Alpin chic atmosphere and invites you to stay longer and have great conversations.

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-9 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-4 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

The breakfast buffet was unique and presented in an incredibly loving and varied way. We could start the day with delicious soy cappuccino and freshly squeezed orange juice on the sunny garden terrace. Furthermore, the buffet was a dream for me, delicious vegan porridge and a huge selection of toppings and fresh fruits. There is nothing better than that to start a long hike with a fresh mind and strengthened body.

Astoria-Seefeld-Entschleunigung-für-Körper-und-Seele8-1-1024x768 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-13 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

Astoria-Seefeld-Entschleunigung-für-Körper-und-Seele37-768x1024 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-7 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld


The Seefeld mountain world offers a varied offer for pleasure hikers, mountain enthusiasts and nature lovers. Over 650 km of hiking, mountain and climbing routes can be discovered and the Seefeld mountain scenery will amaze you!


Tour: Rosshütte – Seefelderspitze – Reither Spitze – Kaltwassersee – Seefeld
Duration: 3.5 – 5 h
Distance: 11 km

My mum and I ventured for a challenging hike from the Seelfelder Spitze to the Reither Spitze. For the effort we were rewarded with a breathtaking view. The hike starts at the top on Seefelder Joch and within a short time you are already at the top of Seefelder Spitze wherefrom the so-called “Königstour” starts. Of course there is also the possibility to walk up from the very bottom in Seefeld.

The Seefelder Königstour, is one of the classics in the western Karwendel. During the whole time a wonderful panoramic view fascinates the hikers to the right and left. The tour is difficult, so only experienced hikers are recommended, especially the last part requires no fear of heights and sure-footedness. We start at the Seefelder Joch mountain station, which we reached by cable car from Seefeld via the Rosshütte. Already from there you have a fantastic view of the surrounding peaks.

The hike proves to be very pleasant, as the path always changes from an easy ascent to a subsequent descent. You reach Seefelder Spitze after only 30 minutes and after a short break of admiration we continue our hike. With the impressive Reither Spitze in front of us we climb along the ridge and cross scabby terrain. From the Reither Joch up to the top you have to be free of vertigo, because it is more like a climbing tour than a hiking trail and even I sometimes had some fear of heights. But the test of courage up to the summit cross is worthwhile, the view is unique!

On the way back I picked up my mum again at the Reither Joch and from there we went back to the Rosshütte. After a tasty reinforcement we walked down to Kaltwassersee and the last part in the forest is very pleasant to walk.

When you come back from the mountain, it gets cosy: Those who were active the whole day outside in the fresh air, should relax afterwards in the Astoria SPA and maybe have a look at the summits in the evening light from the panorama sauna. At the following gourmet dinner we will recharge our batteries for the next day and then we will sink into our cushions tired and satisfied.

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-11 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-3 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

Astoria-Seefeld-Entschleunigung-für-Körper-und-Seele13-1024x768 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

Astoria-Seefeld-Entschleunigung-für-Körper-und-Seele44-1024x767 Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

DAY 2 – 3 Lake hike

Tour: Seefeld – Möserer Lake – Lotten Lake – Wildmoos Lake – Seefeld
Duration: 4h
Distance: 12 km

On Sunday morning we enjoyed the SPA and started the day with an extensive breakfast. For the day we went for an easy hike and chose the beautiful 3 lakes hike. The idyllic hiking trails lead past unspoilt lakes, which invite you to cool off. Since came just at the mushroom time, it smelled very tasty and we got bogged down in the forest with searching for them. 😉 On the way back we passed the Olympic Hill and all the winter sports facilities before we made our way home again.

Even just for a weekend, the Astoria Resort guarantees with a varied and all around relaxing and revitalizing offer. Moreover, the Austrian hospitality is very inviting. In particular I recommend the Olympic region in summer/autumn, because then the village is a bit quieter and you can REALLY recharge your batteries. Because in winter the region is very busy and rather hectic.

Have you ever been there? Where do you like to go for a Wellness Weekend?

*This post has been created in collaboration with Astoria Resort but all opinions stated are mine.

Astoria-Seefeld-Relaxation-for-all-senses-y Relaxation for all Senses - Astoria Resort Seefeld

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