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Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin – Nira Alpina

Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende70-1024x768 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina

Hello my friends,

Who doesn’t like going for a weekend to the mountains and let the soul wander and recharge the batteries in nature? Engadin is known for its unique natural landscape – green forests, turquoise lakes and small villages. The great thing about a 2+ nights stay in the hotel is the cable car and bus ticket included. Therefore, you can move without a car easily, just public transport and no additional expensive cable car tickets! I was very surprised about that, because usually when I go hiking those tickets are super expensive. And because the Nira Alpina is located right next to the Corvatsch valley station, you can not only benefit from it in winter, but also go up high in summer. In the following post, I would like to introduce you to the beautiful hotel, as well as an amazing leisure program. Graubünden is the largest canton in Switzerland, at the same time my home canton and Engadin is a well-known holiday destination worth a visit! I completely fell in love with the area and will definitely go back soon, because it is really pure relaxation!


Nira Alpina is a beautiful lifestyle hotel with an excellent location (right next to the Corvatsch Bahn) and especially family-friendly. It is located in Surej in the Engadin between the deep blue lakes and breathtaking mountains of the valley.

Nira Alpina is an ideal starting point for summer and winter holidays and offers a variety of breathtaking natural sights in every season. It is a perfect starting point for your summer hiking experience and far away from the stressful city life. Relaxation and pure nature welcome you! We were in the Corvatsch room with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and could benefit from the garden terrace. The rooms are very spacious and with the numerous wooden elements very charming and inviting. Of course, there are also suites with a lot of luxury, such as a dressing room and Jacuzzi on the balcony, but also for the smaller budget, there are great standard rooms.

From skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer to relaxing retreats and well-being activities, you’ll find what you need in the Nira Alpina. This beautiful oasis also offers yoga retreats or you can relax with a luxurious spa day or try alpine adventures such as hiking, mountain biking, skiing and water sports.

Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende59 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende66 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende55 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende52 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina


Relax your body and mind – The spa puts you in touch with the nature of the Swiss Alps. The Nira Spa offers quiet relaxation rooms, a hot tub, various steam rooms and a well-equipped gym. After a long day of hiking (skiing in winter), relaxing in the SPA is pure enjoyment for mind and body.

Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende61 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina


During our stay we were spoiled with culinary experiences. The Nira Alpina is a dream also for vegans! We were invited to try many specialities from the menu, which were planned for the upcoming Ayurveda Yoga Retreat. Inspired by Indian and Ayurvedic cuisine, the chefs have created real taste sensations.

Similarly, the breakfast buffet leaves nothing to be desired. 9 different local honeys and 12 home-made jams give you the difficulty to choose from. In addition to the rich buffet offer you can get a variety of dishes such as porridge or pancakes on request. And of course the coffee creations help to wake up and start the day in the best mood.

Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende53 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende51 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende50 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina


On the days in the Engadin we had perfect hiking weather – despite bad forecast it was only sometimes cloudy and mostly the sun was even very hot. Obviously, as passionate hikers we have made some great trips. Since I’ve never been to Engadin before in summer I was already curious to explore the area (more hiking ideas: Zermatt / Flims / Panorama). Below I introduce you to the 3 hikes we did and I can highly recommend to you! For ambitious as well as for slow hikers, there are various hiking options.


Surej – Murtél – Rabgiusa – Furtschellas middle station – Surej

Distance: 17.7 km
Hiking time: 4.5h
Ascent: 475 m
Descent: 1020 m
Starting point: Valley station Corvatsch
Destination: Chairlift Alp Languard

On the first day, immediately after check-in we changed into our hiking gear and we went on a discovery tour. The incredible thing about the Nira Alpina is its location, just opposite (not 50m) the Corvatsch Bahn goes up the mountain. From the middle station Murtél we hiked towards Rabgiusa. From there we started the “Wasserweg” around the six Lejins (Lakes). They sparkle in the summer sun of the Upper Engadin like dazzling sequins on a dress. The “Wasserweg” is one of the summer highlights on Corvatsch and especially suitable for families.

The lakes are enchanted by their crystal-clear and calm reflections and every lake is beautiful in itself. On the way, admired the two lakes Lejin S-chaglia and Lejin Epidot from distance and and lingered at Lejin Rhodonit and then the Lejin Malachit. The steep ascent to Lejin Magnetit was well worth it, because the Corvatsch massif is reflected in the turquoise-green water. Finally, it goes back down to the Lejin Cristal and there we rested at the Restaurant Chüdra for a refreshment. From here you can descend on the Furtschellas cable car or tackle the descent by foot. We did the latter and were rewarded with a breathtaking panorama and finally arrived in Silvaplana-Surej in the Nira Alpina after about 2:15h.

Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende60 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende58 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende68 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende67 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina


Muottas Muragl – Lej Muragl – Segantini Hut – Alp Languard – Pontresina

Distance: 15.1 km
Hiking time: 3: 30-5h
Ascent: 667 m
Descent: 796 m
Starting point: valley station Muottas Muragl
Destination: chairlift Alp Languard

At the beginning you can expect the first highlight! The spectacular ride on the funicular up to Muottas Muragl gives you an idea of ​​what a panorama awaits you. Once at the top, you can already enjoy a unique view of the Engadin lake landscape and the mountains from the observation deck of the Hotel Muottas Muragl (2’454m). We have chosen the route to Lej Muragl, where the path goes along sweeping cows and you can enjoy fantastic views of the high alpine landscape of Piz Muragl and the other peaks. After an hour, the climb is rewarded with the unique beauty of Lej Muragl (2’715m), which presents itself in beautiful colors. Then the way goes back downhill along a river over cow pastures and alpine landscapes.

At the junction we turned left up to the Segantini hut. But if the hike is almost enough for you, you can return to Muotta Muragl on the easy way back, otherwise you can start the steep ascent to the Segantini hut. The way brings you to the footsteps of the famous painter Giovanni Segantini to one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the Upper Engadin. At the Segantini hut (2731 m above sea level) you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the incomparable Engadin lake landscape and the Bernina Massif. After a refreshment you can take the steep descent down to Alp Languard, from where the chairlift goes to Pontresina.

Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende71 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina

Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende56-1024x768 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina

Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende74 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende69 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina


Surej – Lej Nair – Lej March – Alp da Staz – Lej da Staz – St. Moritz

Distance: 15 km
Hiking time: about 5h
Ascent: 332 m
Descent: 520 m
Starting point: Nira Alpina (Surej)
Destination: St. Moritz station

On the third day we went for a good breakfast and checked-out from the hotel and directly started on a small and easy circular walk. Since we have already made enough meters of altitude the previous two days, we wanted to tackle the last day a bit more comfortably. Directly from the hotel a beautiful and comfortable trail leads in the direction of Lej Nair. On the way we could already sight many mushrooms and besides a small mirror-smooth lake surprised us. Thereafter, Lej Nair follows 15 minutes later and did not let us stop in our amazement. The mountain lake is located in a protected moor area. The information boards point out the species-rich flora and fauna around the lake area. The Upper Engadin postcard idyll of the lake landscape prevails, when the firs and clouds are reflected on the water surface – simply perfect !!!

Then we went to the Lej da Marsch, which is very popular for tourists as a bathing lake. There is the possibility to continue directly to Lej da Staz, or hike up first to Alp da Staz. Then it goes downhill again and it is worthwhile to take a longer (swimming) break at that beautiful lake.

Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende73 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende75 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina Nira-Alpina-Engadin-Wander-Wellnesswochenende72 Hiking & Wellness Weekend in Engadin - Nira Alpina

Finally, the trail leads in about 35 minutes to St. Moritz to the train station. From there we started our journey home.

Have you ever been to Engadin? Where did you go and do you have any recommendations for new lakes to explore? 

* Many thanks to the Nira Alpina for the invitation. This post reflects my travel experience and authentic opinion.

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