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5 tips for a mindful morning routine

I am an absolute morning person, but this has not always been the case. It was only when I started to develop a mindful morning routine which brought be joy and happiness that I became an early riser. I love the quiet of the streets and incredibly peaceful morning dawn… It’s the time of the day when I feel calm and can take time to check in with myself and being absolutely present. I enjoy using each morning properly since I am able to start with lots of motivation into my working day as I have already done something good for my wellbeing. For this I have created a home environment which brings me peace and joy. I’ve ordered some beautiful prints from Desenio with artwork and some mindful quotes. They upgraded my home and feel so happy.

Today, I have 5 tips for you how to start your morning at home in a positive way.

  1. Start your day with a positive thought

Our first thoughts after waking up have a huge impact on our whole day. They influence our mood and how the upcoming day will be experienced.  Try to start with a positive thought and even better smile at yourself when you look into the mirror. Smiling already releases positive hormones. You will notice how much better you feel and how a positive attitude will significantly facilitate your day. Long term it increases your quality of life and your level of happiness.

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Mindful-morning-routine_-Naturelly-Michaela_Desenio_11-1024x683 5 tips for a mindful morning routine(Manifesto of Life // What you Think

  1. Start your day with good hydration

Try to accustom yourself to drink a large glass of water in the morning and wait with coffee for later. If you don’t like plain water – try to boost it with lemon or ginger. Also unsweetened tea is refreshing- as long as you hydrate your body. After the night, our body is dehydrated and needs liquids to stimulate the metabolism. An adequate water supply is also extremely important for our brain and has a big influence on our work performance and especially in summer you should also make sure to drink enough for the electrolytes balance. I was convinced that I can’t start the day without coffee – in fact, it was always “coffee-first” (even before yoga). Now I drink my first coffee (of max. 2 a day) later in the morning and honestly speaking, I cannot feel a difference in my mood or level of energy. But the significant benefit, is the hydration and feeling of more lightness.

Mindful-morning-routine_-Naturelly-Michaela_Desenio_17 5 tips for a mindful morning routine Mindful-morning-routine_-Naturelly-Michaela_Desenio_18 5 tips for a mindful morning routine

  1. Develop a mindful morning routine

First of all: NO screens and messages for the first hour of the day! This is a hard challenge but it’s possible and you won’t get distracted and carried away by the daily problems mind chatters. I use the build in screen downtime and that helps me so much.

There is a proverb that says “Have a breakfast like a king”. This is not related to the quantity, but rather to the quality. A breakfast should contain many valuable nutrients and vitamins which give us power for the day and fill our stomachs until lunch. You can start your day by preparing yourself a delicious meal and making this a mindful ritual.

If you never eat breakfast in the morning choose another activity to start mindfully into your day. It can be a short meditation where you sit 5-10 minutes and check in with yourself. Without judgement observe: How do I feel today? Are there parts of my body that are tense? Does something need a bit extra kindness and care today?

Another mindful morning routine you can implement, is reading a few pages of a book. This can be incredibly inspiring and at the same time allowing yourself to start slowly into the day and already having dedicated some time to your favorite activities. I’ve started the journey with Jacqueline Pirtle’s book “365 Days of Happiness”. One page a day with an inspiring words to start happily and with a positive mindset into the day. Believe me, one year with this book will change how you approach every day and give you so much more purpose. (I am currently around day 180 and feel the difference)

Mindful-morning-routine_-Naturelly-Michaela_Desenio_13 5 tips for a mindful morning routine Mindful-morning-routine_-Naturelly-Michaela_Desenio_15 5 tips for a mindful morning routine

  1. Move your body

Starting the day with a small workout is not only good for body and metabolism but also for our brain. When doing sports we spill out dopamine and serotonin which both stabilize our psyche, relax our thoughts and make us happy. Furthermore, you’ll feel so much more at ease and less stressed because no matter how much work you’re going to have – you dedicated time for your health and the workout won’t be cancelled with any excuse. Some people love running or hitting the gym in the early morning – or like me – I love to start my days with my Ashtanga Mysore practice (How Yoga changed my life). Personally speaking, I love the feeling afterwards and I am definitely more balanced and motivated when sitting at the desk later.

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  1. Write a gratitude journal

We live in a consumption-driven society in which we are often dissatisfied with ourselves or our performance. We are so much focused on the things we want and the lack due to the things we don’t have or achieved. Social Media has intensified the game of comparison even more.

Writing down 3 things you are grateful for can be so empowering. It doesn’t have to be anything special. It’s important to learn being grateful for the simple things. Nothing should be taken for granted – even the fact, that you are given another day on this Earth to shine. By appreciating what you we have, luck and energy can be derived and motivate yourself to strive and bloom but not forgetting to pause and see the beauty that is already around you!

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2E22A562-EA31-4D2F-BE17-5C035F6C891A-1024x683 5 tips for a mindful morning routineMindful-morning-routine_-Naturelly-Michaela_Desenio_19 5 tips for a mindful morning routine (Love L // Girl Silhouette // Almost Kiss // Holding hands)

Did you also create a home space where you feel good to wake up and start into your day? I can highly recommend to get creative with Desenio!

Have you already developed mindful morning routine? What brings you joy and sets you in the right mindset for the day? Let me know your rituals!

*Article in friendly collaboration with Desenio <3 Mindful-morning-routine_-Naturelly-Michaela_Desenio_pint1 5 tips for a mindful morning routine

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” – Marcus Aurelius

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