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Zero Waste – Every day is Earth Day – Start now

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For a long time I have been interested in the topic of sustainability and many of the principles I’ve already integrated into my everyday life. I’m now going through life much more aware and try to minimise my ecological footprint.

However, switching from 0 to 100 to zero waste is not so easy. Therefore, it is better to start small. This topic is new to the blog, and you may think it does not quite fit? However, I believe that zero waste and sustainability go hand in hand and are also part of mindfulness – because we should not only be mindful of ourselves, but also of our environment. Do you agree? Would you like to learn more about this topic with me? Or support great initiatives? Then read on!

What is Zero Waste?

The simple definition is: nothing goes to waste. (Food Waste definition)

Basically, it’s about consciously using existing resources and adding less harm to our environment. There are many ways to change your lifestyle and become more sustainable. Especially when buying food you can make a daily and important contribution. Are you in? Let’s have a look at the different aspects:

  • Plastic-free
  • Planning & Preparing
  • Be Smart & Creative
  • Seasonal & Local
  • Judge Less
  • Durability & Storage

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Plastics Free

It starts with shopping. Always bring your own cotton bags and avoid any unnecessary plastic bags. It is worth buying in larger quantities, because then less packaging is added to the purchased quantity. Even if you live alone, it’s worth it (see below).

Planning & Preparing

It helps to avoid unnecessary food waste by planning your weekly needs in advance. Make a shopping list and for safety once again take a look in the fridge, so you know exactly what is already there. Buy only what you need. In addition, I find it super helpful to do so on one day so-called “Meal Prep”, so I am well prepared for the following days.

Smart & creative

Do you not know what you should cook? Many recipe ideas can be found online. Are you missing an ingredient for your recipe? Of course, it can be transformed – let your creativity run free! You can creatively mix up and combine your leftovers from the day before. Or if you have fresh vegetables that are already turning brown, then this can be done optimally with cooking. Because it would be a pity to throw away something that tastes delicious.

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Seasonal & Local

Make sure you shop locally and seasonally as possible. Of course, if your budget allows it, then organic is all the more environmentally friendly. And if you do not have time to go to the weekly market, uglyfruits offers a great alternative. They make bio accessible to everyone and reduce food waste. So you get a tailor-made delivery directly to your home. Furthermore, they deliver without plastic !!! so good. (with the code “superugly_naturelly” you save 10 CHF on your first order)

Judge less

We always strive for perfection – but why does even our food have to look perfect and correspond to our beauty ideals? That’s actually so ridiculous. Also “ugly” foods, e.g. Two-legged carrots or crooked potatoes taste just as delicious. And as long as it has no mold or worm on it, they are also absolutely enjoyable.

Ugly-Fruits-naturelly-michaela-against-foodwaste19 Zero Waste - Every day is Earth Day - Start now

Ugly-Fruits-naturelly-michaela-against-foodwaste22-835x1024 Zero Waste - Every day is Earth Day - Start nowI’ve received the box “Das Wesentliche”

Durability & Storage

“Consume to”, “To sell to” and “Best before” have different meanings! If the date has been exceeded, you should check your food before consuming it. It’s important to not only follow the data, but rely on your senses – see, smell, taste – to find out if the food is still are edible. Keep leftovers in transparent containers.

Place it so that you will not forget it and consume it within 1 to 3 days. Consume your fresh foods on a first-in, first-out basis. Have you shopped too much and can not eat it all? Most foods can be frozen!

Pinterest-uglyfruits Zero Waste - Every day is Earth Day - Start now*the products in this article have been sponsored by uglyfruits. Thank you! 

What do you think about zero waste? What are you doing in your daily life against food waste? Since it was Earth Day, I would like to share the video. I think the topic is just super important, and that’s why I care so much about the topic

Mountain Lakes Magic II - Lai da Palpuogna
Many Greetings from the Bernese Oberland
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