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Mindfulness Guide – Improve your Day & Life!

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“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”
Thich Nhat Hanh

The new season is here and many of us say goodbye to winter – inwardly and outwardly. Some may have started with one of these activities. Detox week or Lent, thorough spring cleaning of the apartment, wardrobe decluttering or outdoor sports.

Maybe you’ve also thought about approaching the new season a little bit more attentively and working on yourself? Checking in with yourself and making small changes in your everyday life and routines to improve your well-being. It’s the right time to give mindfulness a serious try – you’ll not regret it!

And with this guide you get an overall understanding and hands-on tips to apply. So let’s start!

What is Mindfulness?

The practice of mindfulness means to maintain a constant awareness of thoughts, feelings and the world around us and keeps us rooted in the present moment. Have you ever walked a familiar route and realised that you remember nothing of the journey or read pages of a book and not took any of it in!
It happens to us all and is a perfect example of mindlessness, a complete lack of awareness – we are so much trapped into the constant chatter of our mind. Oftentimes in worries about the future or dreaming in the past.
Living in this autopilot way shows that we are not properly in tune with our thoughts and may miss important signals from our bodies and will fail to notice the beauty in life and our surrounding environment. We are so busy doing that we forget to be aware and really live our lives to the full.

Mindfulness originates in Buddhism, but being mindful is a skill that anyone can learn. You do not have to be spiritual, or have any particular beliefs, to try it.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help you in many different areas:

  • Stress reduction
  • Decreased feelings of depression
  • Improved mental & physical health
  • Increased patience & concentration
  • Better focus (at work)
  • Increased self awareness
  • Better sleep
  • More happiness & life satisfaction

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Simple Approach to practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is not just about meditation or reaching a state of bliss. It’s all about bringing your mind to the present moment and being aware of your inner and outer world.

Your mind will wander – it’s for everyone the same – but learning to be aware of this and making a conscious choice to return to the present is the important thing.
Mindfulness can be tricky, but with regular practice the work will soon pay off!
  • Give yourself a set amount of time. 5 or 10 minutes is great in the beginning.
  • Choose a time of day where you won’t be interrupted.
  • Practice mindfulness in a space that is calm and peaceful. If there is noice – just acknowledge it.
  • Focus on the breath and bringing your mind back to the present.
  • We all have judgements. Acknowledge yours and then let them pass. Do not focus or dwell on them.
  • Accept that your mind will wander, don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future. Just gently bring it back to the present.
  • Be conscious of your body and posture. Ensure you are in a stable and comfortable position.

This would be the traditional mindfulness practice approach where you focus on just the single task of being here and now. And I know that for many (including me oftentimes) we don’t have time nor the right mindset to just sit and be. Therefore, I want to show you the approaches you can take to twist your daily tasks.


Adopt these mindful habits

  1. See: Notice the environment around you.
  2. Social Media Break: Take a tech and social media break every day.
  3. Listen intently:  Give each conversation you have your undivided attention.
  4. Healthy eating: Choose food that is good for your body and makes yourself happy
  5. Be kind to yourself. Show yourself the care you would for another person.
  6. Daily intention: Make time each day just for you. Set a daily intention – just one thing and that fills your day with a sense of purpose
  7. Breathe:  Try to be aware of your breathing as much as possible. Take a break during work and just come to the present and take 3 deep inhale and exhale. Stress release assured!
  8. Be grateful. Also for the small things.
  9. Energy: Don’t let another persons negative mood affect yours.
  10. Emotional Awareness: However you must accept your own emotions and feel whatever you feel.
  11. Clean Space: Don’t fill your house with clutter, think before you buy. (more about this in a next post)

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So Can Mindful Living Change Your Life?

I can’t tell you that your life will change instantly but I can tell you how my life has changed.
Since I began practicing mindfulness I have become so much more aware. I’m aware of other people’s feelings. I can see the beauty in the environment and appreciate the little things. My life and time on this planet has become much more precious and I take every day with a deep sense of gratitude.
I don’t let the little things get to me so much, I can take a breath and realise that I don’t need to react to this situation. It’s how I choose to respond to these stressors that is different. The change is within me, not life that happens around me. That’s the beauty of Mindfulness you don’t need to take on the world, just yourself.
I would recommend to anyone to give mindfulness a try. If you have already began the practice, how do you practice it?
“Be happy in the moment, that’s enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.”
Mother Teresa
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