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Cosy & inspirational home – 3 tips

Desenio_Naturelly_Michaela_inspirational_home_1 Cosy & inspirational home - 3 tips

“Home is not a place…it’s a feeling.”

For me home is a feeling were I feel good, relaxed and inspired. I’m that kind of person who needs a little change in the apartment every now and then. Especially, inspired by the seasons I love to add little extra decorative elements. From time to time I like also moving bigger interiors around and create a total new atmosphere. What I’ve lately discovered is the huge mood changer just simple new photographs or wallpapers can have on the whole room. I get incredibly inspired by new photographs or and additional frame…

Are you looking for a quick way to freshen up your home? You don’t need a major investment of time, energy, or money to make a noticeable difference. Try these quick projects to give your home a new look in no time.

Desenio_Naturelly_Michaela_inspirational_home_2 Cosy & inspirational home - 3 tips


Adding house plants to your home is smart way to improve your private space. Many of these green beauties will naturally remove pollutants from the air. They add this liveliness to an apartment even if you live on your own. And believe me, they will bring  up your mood and make you happy. And usually, they are super easy to take care off. If you’re looking for a different type of functionality from your houseplants, try adding some herbs to a windowsill. Chives, mint, parsley, oregano, basil, and thyme do particularly well indoors.

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Candle holders or even simple white pillar candles in various sizes grouped together in clusters make a home feel cozier by creating a warm ambiance. They are the ultimate mood setter, and they’re available for pennies. They provide a simple elegance and sophistication that doesn’t betray their real cost.

Desenio_Naturelly_Michaela_inspirational_home_6-e1548707741325 Cosy & inspirational home - 3 tips


One of the best ways to personalize a home is with photos or wallpaper frames. Look for empty or open space on your walls or flat surfaces. Is your end table looking a bit bare? Do you have an eye-catching focal point on the wall above your couch? Identify prime places for photos, then pull out a measuring tape to see how much space you’re working with. Your walls don’t have to get crammed full with pictures but some selected details like 1-3 frames on the wall will make a difference. I was in the mood of changing my living room and just played with adding new inspirational frames changed the whole room. I’ve been craving a change since new year but struggled with putting into action…

But Desenio just came in the right time – they offer an immense variety on frames and incredibly inspiring mood boards. It took me a while to get the final decision but couldn’t be happier with the choice of these three beautiful additions to my living room.

“With the code NATURELLY” you get 25% off posters (except frames and” handpicked / collaboration / personalized posters “) in the period 29.-31. January”.

These are the pictures I have selected: Holding Hands  // La Lune // Girl in Window

Desenio_Naturelly_Michaela_inspirational_home_4-e1548707759227 Cosy & inspirational home - 3 tips

Desenio_Naturelly_Michaela_inspirational_home_3-e1548707785618 Cosy & inspirational home - 3 tips

*this post has been created in friendly collaboration with Desenio. Thank you!

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