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Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend

When the temperatures start dropping it is definitely time to get cosier at home and enjoy a weekend filled with selfcare activities. Even if the weather surprises you (like here in Switzerland) with late summer temperatures you can choose to refuel your energy and refresh your mind this weekend.

A week fully packed with meetings, deadlines and other stress triggering events the energy levels drop and you feel drained out. the truth is that many of us fall into the unfortunate cycle of attempting to finish everything on our schedule while overlooking our physical and mental health in order to do so.

If you can change your environment and escape somewhere to a quiet village and enjoy the treatments of a Wellness Weekend – you are lucky! If not – then you can still refuel your energy and refresh your mind at home. These little acts of self-care will help you to feel the best:

MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_1 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend

Sleep in and let the sun wake you up naturally

Sometimes, you just need a long sleep and catch up on the long evenings spent working your to-do lists and running errands. Unless you don’t plan to go on an early morning hike, weekends are perfect to give a fu** on your alarm clock and just let you be woken up naturally by the sun. With this calm mindset and relaxed body the weekend is just right to become even better. Not only the energy of the sun but also cold-pressed juices can give the extra energy boost and let you feel amazing. What is better than fresh fruits delivered from nature to your body?

Practice your favorite Yoga form

Moving the body in a mindful way which Yoga is all about – you get in touch with your body. I love the feeling of deep gratitude and happiness which comes from a Yoga practice. The mind is calm and balanced and often I feel reset from whatever stressed me out the night before. And the bodily sensation of walking on clouds is so amazing!

MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_9 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_8 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend

Spend the afternoon reading outside

Grab your sunglasses and find a reading spot because the weather is still warm and the book choices are endless. From books that are turning into movies to books that are inspiring, pick one that sparks your interest and enjoy a day soaking in the sun and sinking into a new story.

MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_3 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend

Visit your favourite place in your city by yourself

There’s something satisfying about being your own company — so indulge in this feeling by going to your favourite coffee shop with the delicious lattes or your preferred spot in the park with the pretty view. Through this time alone, you’ll have the chance to be with your own thoughts and the opportunity to make more sense of them.

Create your own at-home spa 

When in doubt, pamper yourself. No expensive treatment costs, but having the spa experience directly at home brings you even more joy because you can stay in your PJs. Recreate your at-home spa day by tending to your nails, running the bath, turning up the music, and letting yourself relax.

Disconnect from your phone for the day

In a society where information about others is available by opening an app and validated by the double tap of a finger, it can become addicting and overwhelming and controls our lives. Make use of the privilege to unplug for the day and allow your notifications to be silenced and your world to go quiet.

MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_7 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend

Treat yourself to your favorite coffee or juice

Sometimes splurging on an extra delicious coffee or special juice mix is ok too. Especially weekends, when you have more time at hands to indulge the delicious beverages. If you want to observe people and rather prefer the weekend buzz in a coffee – there are endless options… But if you are more like me – grab a cold pressed juice from Michel or a Coffee to go and dream away with a book in a park.

MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_11 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_6 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_5 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend

Organize a picnic with friends or family

Late summer or warm autumn weekends are perfect to enjoy a delicious picnic outside in a park. I love these kind of gatherings and the quality time spent with friends and food is balsam to the soul. Fresh fruits, bread, delicious spreads, baguette and fresh juices– vibrant food for vibrant people. Lots of laughter and life updates can be shared without any appointments or time pressure. Food is not only the best time to socialise but also try new and delicious food. Since I’ve been very conscious about trying new products and finding healthy products in the shelves, I love introducing my friends to them too. The cold-pressed (not heated above 40° degrees) juices from Michel come in delicious flavours and combination. While many love the classic orange juice – I always opt for the passion fruit-orange-banana one. Especially for spontaneous picnics these little energy bombs are amazing.

MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_4 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend

There are so many different things you can do for yourself. No matter what is your preferred activity – keep always the pleasure and the following relaxation and refuel of happiness in mind. I know that everyone’s work schedules aren’t Monday through Friday, however it’s important to take time to rest. Everyone needs and deserves a break. Don’t neglect them. If you do, you’ll burn out. So, whatever your weekend days may be… Please, sit back and enjoy 😊


* This post has been created in collaboration with Michel Switzerland – Truly speaking from my heart and the biggest admiration for the healthy PURE juices!

MIchel_Switzerland_Weekend_Selfcare_Tips_10 Selfcare Ideas for the Weekend

Many Greetings from the Bernese Oberland
Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way

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