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Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way

43349479120_755b849e2a_c Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way

“The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness.” – S.Mipham

I’ve been avoiding running over the last couple of years and honestly speaking, I thought that this kind of work-out will never be something for me. However, last month I found a different approach to running and let me tell you – it’s so re-energizing and good for my soul.


No matter if you are already a big running fan or still a coach potato. I encourage you, to try this different approach to the running exercise. I believe there is something beneficial for everyone.43349479380_875c08f1bf_c Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way45114913562_0670be2472_c Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way
30225257387_943a3b1aed_c Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way

  1. Getting out into nature

After a busy day sitting at your desk inside and probably not getting much of fresh air, there is nothing better to run your worries out. Getting out into nature in the colder temperatures strengthens your immune system and is definitely a mood booster.

Also a perfect chance to notice the changing beauty of the plants and colorful appearance of autumn in nature. Have you ever noticed the smell of morning dew and moss? It’s a bit like Pre-Christmas announcement.

  1. Feeling wonderful in amazing running clothing

Obviously women like beautiful clothing. And if it is not only fashionable but perfectly functional for running and outside sports then it’s definitely a match. A good pair of trainers is a must but also atmungsaktive Kleidung is essential. Starting from the T-Shirt to a good water-resistant jacket and even headband will make you feel amazing and support your running success. I’ve tested the clothing and running shoes from Craft and am so happy for my upcoming runs 😉

  1. Being present – no matter about time or distance

Often you go for a run and already decided beforehand about the route or distance or set yourself the allotted time. But instead of getting obsessed on numbers try this approach:

Check in with yourself and ask yourself how you feel and what your energy levels are. With this small mindful observation you can better interpret the signs coming from your body during the run. Don’t push yourself too much. What counts is the intention and the journey on the run. Results shouldn’t be your main focus. You’ll feel so satisfied and happy if you detach yourself from any numeric restrictions and rules.

  1. Socializing – meeting new people/ joining a running group

If you have  a running partner and someone you can enjoy the beautiful running activity you are lucky and should try to create a happy and relaxed running atmosphere.

Sometimes there is no one joining you on a run. But instead of staying home you could just go and possibly you meet another single runner or certain sports association even run regular running groups. Which are a perfect platform to meet like-minded people.


All in all – a mindful approach to running is not too hard to achieve once you get your mindset right and avoid any unnecessary restrictions. All that counts is YOUR feeling. The benefits are not only visible for your body but your overall satisfaction and well-being will improve drastically.

Let’s go for a Run – YOU got this!

wearing all Crafts Sportswear (PR Sample)

45114914592_3293463e37_c Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way30225257467_6285c95bc1_c Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way45114913852_85f955072e_c Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way45114914942_c82bd086fd_c Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way45114914432_dec62e48b1_c Get into a new routine with me – the mindful way

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