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Swiss Mini Guide – Mountain Lakes Magic I

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” – Albert Einstein

Summer is doubtlessly holiday time and many people travel far abroad, but actually it is so beautiful in Switzerland, why then escape far away? There are fewer people on the way, high mountains and idyllic mountain lakes. In this summer heat I seek refreshment in the heights of the mountains.

Nothing inspires me more than discovering new places in my home country and it has become a passion that I would like to share with you and hopefully inspire one or the other to put on their own hiking shoes. In this sense, I would like to share a small appetizer on the upcoming hiking season, and who knows? Maybe we meet on a mountain top or you discover a (new) passion for yourself?

I am particularly fascinated by mountain lakes, as they invite you to linger. No matter if it’s a short break, a dip in the cool water or an extensive picnic – the most beautiful oases. And in this hot summer there is nothing better than to flee out of the crowded and overheated cities.

And as most of you know, I grew up in the mountains and therefore I’m drawn to them magnetically. If I spend more time abroad, or have no mountains around me, then I feel like I lack the familiarity and imposing forces of nature. And each time I fall in love with my own home country, when I string the hiking boots …

On hikes, I usually take my picnic and snacks with me and often the mountain lake or mountain peak are best for a rest with refreshments and fresh vitamins. I like to take dates and fresh fruits as an energy booster with lots of vitamins, but since I discovered the practical and small cold-pressed juices from Michel – this is my go to energy kick. Have you already tried them?

Lets Go!

Equipped with the right snacks and footwear, there is nothing in the way of a discovery tour in beautiful Switzerland. Therefore, I want to show you my absolute favorite trip and spots – right in my home Kanton – no wonder 😉

DSC_1766-e1536354423675 Swiss Mini Guide - Mountain Lakes Magic I Bergseen-Zauber-6-Michaelablog Swiss Mini Guide - Mountain Lakes Magic I

Four Lakes Walk

In fact, four mountain lakes are among Flims’ landmarks, but mostly known are only Lake Cauma and Lake Cresta, while Lag Prau Pulté and Lag Prau Tuleritg are also worth a visit.

Through the silver pastures and vast fir forests in the block landscape of the Flims landslide they create a magical world.

The four lakes hike starts at the playground Flims Waldhaus and then leads north-west to the first small Lag Prau Pulté. Then you follow the Pultébach to the sports center Prau la Selva on a leisurely way to Lag Prau Tuleritg. At this past leads the way to Lake Cauma

(Alternatively you can skip directly from the start at Flims Waldhaus with Lake Cauma and omit the first two lakes ;))

Bergseen-Zauber-4-Michaelablog Swiss Mini Guide - Mountain Lakes Magic I Bergseen-Zauber-1-Michaelablog Swiss Mini Guide - Mountain Lakes Magic IBergseen-Zauber-3-Michaelablog Swiss Mini Guide - Mountain Lakes Magic I

The “Pearl of Switzerland”, as Lake Cauma is also known, takes your breath away with its turquoise-blue, crystal-clear beauty. In summer you can see through the clear water to the bottom. Unfortunately, it is no longer an insider tip and in good weather many visitors and swimmers come for a visit. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a walk around the lake and from the southern side of the path branches off towards Lake Cresta. After a short while, the forest clears around Lake Cauma and you get to the lookout restaurant at the viewing platform Conn. The 5 minute walk to the platform is worth the breathtaking view over the meandering stretches of the Rhine through the rocky landscape. The “Swiss Grand Canyon” is a popular excursion destination and invites for a little stopover.

Bergseen-Zauber-5-Michaelablog Swiss Mini Guide - Mountain Lakes Magic I Bergseen-Zauber-2-Michaelablog Swiss Mini Guide - Mountain Lakes Magic IBut our hike continues into the forest in the direction of Lake Cresta. The way is rather flat and very pleasant. At the end the way goes down and suddenly the turquoise-blue sparkle of the Lake Cresta appears. You can settle down around the lake and relax, but also the sunbathing area and the jetty are ideal for jumping in the cool water. This is actually my favorite lake for swimming!

From Lake Cresta there are two ways to travel home. The shorter route leads for about 15 minutes through the forest to the main road up to the stop Felsbach-Crestasee. Alternatively – and if you still have enough energy, you can go back to the starting point to Flims Waldhaus and the travel time is about 1 hour.

Good to know:

Arrival: Train to Chur, then Postbus to Flims Waldhaus Post – return journey from Felsbach-Crestasee possible

Directions: 12.95 km, walking time approx. 3.45h

Tips: Pack your bathing gear to swim in the beautiful Lake Cresta! And do not forget to admire the Rhine Gorge from the Swiss Grand Canyon!

Bergseen-Zauber-7-Michaelablog Swiss Mini Guide - Mountain Lakes Magic I

* This post has been created in friendly collaboration with Michel Switzerland – all opinions are my own.

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