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Hello and welcome to “Naturelly Michaela”!

Hello and welcome to “Naturelly Michaela”!

This small creative platform has been created in 2012 under the name “Michaelablog” which most of you might know and relate to the red-headed girl. Since the beginning the personal creative blog was mainly driven by my interests and covered fashion and travel articles. Fashion has been a huge passion in my life (and I still love to dress beautifully). However, I changed and so the content on this blogging platform shifted too.

Therefore, after a blog summer break… Here I am back with a new beginning… “Naturelly Michaela” an inspiring collection of positivity and mindfulness to live a happier life!

It all started when I discovered Ashtanga Yoga for myself. I can truly say that the practice changed my life to the better and I feel like a new person. Mindfulness, Gratitude and Happiness are key topics which transformed not only my approach and mindset to life – but can also yours!

I love sharing what brings the biggest amount of joy and happiness into my life. I believe that everything what happens in life and how you create your own reality depends on your mindset.

Not only Yoga and daily gratitude practice makes me happy. But also nature and new everyday adventures contribute to becoming the best version of myself.

I grew up in a small town in the Swiss Alps and could not imagine living without the bursting natural forces of high mountains, crystal clear lakes and mysterious green forests. Spending as much time as possible outside and finding new hidden gems in my own country makes me happy.

Broadening my horizon and knowledge on foreign countries and further discovering my own self is the highest benefit of travelling abroad. Meeting new like-minded people and just going with the flow – the highest treasure of solo-travelers.

Therefore “Naturelly Michaela” is all about Mindfulness, Happiness and Nature Travels. I hope you stop by for reading and feel inspired to change your life to the positive. Give it a try – a positive mindset and a positive life come hand in hand 🙂

“When one has a grateful heart, life is beautiful!”

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