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5 Tips for Mindful Travel

“Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.”― Roy T. Bennett

Mindful-travel-guide-Berlin-Michaelablog-Naturelly-Michaela-1 5 Tips for Mindful Travel

Do you love travelling? Discovering new places and connecting with new people? But have you caught yourself still focused just on your phone and just somewhere far away with your thoughts and attention?

If you have ever been similarly distracted while on vacation—checking your email, worrying about catching a flight, rushing through one activity in your hurry to get your to-do sightseeing spots list checked—you, too, might benefit from these mindfulness tips for your travels….

Mindfulness by definition is being fully in the present moment experiences with openness, curiosity and willingness to be with what is.

Mindful travel involves being completely present for the experiences you’re having in a new place—without distracting yourself with thoughts about what might be happening back at the office or where you’re going to eat dinner later that day. By devoting your full attention to each travel experience as it happens.


Thoughts to my Berlin trip

A couple of months I’ve had the chance to visit Berlin once again. And with the beginning summer season it was the perfect get away and reunion with my London girl.

Reflecting on the trip I noticed that somehow it was different – I wasn’t rushed, nor checking a bucket- list or even functioning according like a robot to a pre-made travel plan.

I’ve researched and gathered my own impressions on the topic of Mindful travel and want to share with you some tips. These can help as inspiration on how to fully be present during your travels and return home recharged, deeply relaxed and full of new inspiration.

Therefore, my five top tips for ,mindful travel:


Just Stop and remind yourself to slow down and be mindful. Take a deep breath and find a place to observe (for example in a coffee or bench in the park). Observing should include not only the outer experience going on around you but also your inner awareness. Proceed this in a mindful way and allow yourself to experience the present moment.

Mindful-travel-guide-Berlin-Michaelablog-Naturelly-Michaela-3 5 Tips for Mindful Travel

Slow Down

Rushing from one tourist attraction to the next sight seeing spot makes it difficult to really be present and experience everything with your fullest awareness.

Allowing a little break in the itinerary to appreciate every activity is amazing. Remember this tip not only for sightseeing but also Eating. Instead of rushing your meals on the road – take time for a travelers truest pleasure and enjoy every meal to the fullest!

Mindful-travel-guide-Berlin-Michaelablog-Naturelly-Michaela-2 5 Tips for Mindful Travel

Mindful-travel-guide-Berlin-Michaelablog-Naturelly-Michaela-7 5 Tips for Mindful Travel

Put your phone down

This might be the very hardest for all of the digital savvy people (and especially actively using Social Media as a creative outlet. Of course you can take a couple of photos wherever it’s worthy. Bt make sure to not miss ourt on the experience itself, simply soak up that scenic view or colorful place for a couple of minutes.

Mindful-travel-guide-Berlin-Michaelablog-Naturelly-Michaela-4 5 Tips for Mindful Travel

Use Your Senses

One way to ground yourself in the present is to focus not on what you’re thinking but on what you’re experiencing with all five senses: the sound of voices speaking around you, the glimmer of the sunshine or the quiet of the sunset, the smell of salty air at the beach, the the taste of a delicious pizza. These sense impressions can linger as memories long after your trip is over.

Mindful-travel-guide-Berlin-Michaelablog-Naturelly-Michaela-6 5 Tips for Mindful Travel

Keep a journal

Some people find that the daily practice of writing in a travel journal that helps them to really process all the experiences in a more meaningful way. That might be taking notes on a small notebook during daytime or journal at night before bed.

These tips seem just small changes in your travel habits. But believe me the more you apply in your future travels the more satisfied and recharged you’ll return home.

Do you have any other tips that I missed but help YOU significantly?


Mindful-travel-guide-Berlin-Michaelablog-Naturelly-Michaela-5 5 Tips for Mindful Travel

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    I agree and therefore I never make plans what to do on vacation – I simply decide each day anew what to do 🙂
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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