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8 Things to do to improve your Health and Happiness

“Self-care is how you take your power back.”
― Lalah Delia

Spring or nearly summer has arrived full force and everything is blooming beautifully outside. Not only nature has renewed itself but it’s also time for you to focus on your well-being. Tiny tweaks in your daily routine and environment can change your overall health and your state of mind and you will feel happier. Trust me, you will start radiating the positivity and the happiness. Some days are tougher than others and your mood is not at it’s best. But that is human and you should not repress these feelings. However, you can shorten these days and actually help to change this mood actively.
Michel-Pure-Taste-juices-111 8 Things to do to improve your Health and HappinessDSC_1328-Kopie-e1525954963648 8 Things to do to improve your Health and Happiness

Establish A Morning Routine

Personally, I can just recommend you to get up early. Not only do you have more hours to do things you love each day. But I find it so peaceful to have more time for myself in the morning. When I get up I usually get dressed and then have a cup of coffee. After that I dedicate time to my yoga practice and meditate as ling as I feel is needed that day. This kind of practice helps to feel more balanced and well-grounded throughout the day. I also noticed that my thinking is more clearer and I can be a lot more focused.

Michel-Pure-Taste-juices-Full-18 8 Things to do to improve your Health and HappinessMichel-Pure-Taste-juices-Full-13 8 Things to do to improve your Health and Happiness

Eat Well

Nutrition is a big portion of your well-being and “you are what you eat” is not so wrong. A wholesome and balanced diet does not only improve your physical health but also your mental state. Try to reduce the amount of refined food and sugar. Incorporate a diet consisting of mainly fresh vegetables, leafy greens, grains and healthy fats. If you’re not already vegetarian, a reduction of meats and other animal products, has proven very effective in daily practice. I love to have a green smoothie or a fresh juice throughout the day (depending on my schedule, in the morning or afternoon). This energy booster is my life! I prefer mixing my own smoothie but lately I am running short of time so I stocked up on my new life Saver from Michel. they offer 4 flavours and each of them is cold-pressed, never heated, completely natural and without preservatives. Just the best addition to your diet.

alarm-alarm-clock-clock-36351 8 Things to do to improve your Health and Happiness

Go To Bed Early

Late nights can happen from time to time. But make sure to have a fixed time when you go to bed and it shouldn’t be too late, so that your body gets the needed rest time. It depends from person to person how many hours of sleed are needed to feel energised and productive the next day. I know that I don’t need so much sleep, but I can’t be in my best state of mind when I sleep less than 5 hours in the long run. At this time of the day, I love to switch of any sound and just slowly prepare myself to go to bed.

blur-cellphone-close-up-574284 8 Things to do to improve your Health and Happiness

Turn Your Phone Off For A While

Give yourself some headspace and switch your phone off for an hour or two every day. If you find it difficult to resist scrolling through social media or checking your inbox, you can use an app. I really try to put away my phone when I go to bed but it’s harder than I thought and I am still working on it.

Michel-Pure-Taste-juices-Full-42 8 Things to do to improve your Health and Happiness

Read A Book

Grab a stack of books and let yourself flick through the pages; revisit old childhood favourites, books that changed your life, or something colourful with lots of imagery. Spending time getting lost in books, old and new, can help take your mind off what’s bothering you and allow you to slip into another world for a moment or two. Or if you are more like me: I love learning new aspects on our well-being or Yoga. Currently, I am into spiritual books and also advice books that help me to improve the way I deal with every day situation.

Tidy Up A Little Bit

You don’t have to tidy your entire home but spending a few minutes straightening up the main living areas can really boost your mood and make you feel better. Put things away, take out the trash, plump up the cushions, and put away your clothes; these little tasks can make a huge difference to your environment helping to lift your mood and give you some headspace. For me it’s so releasing and it’s like I am tidying up my mind too. And with a tidy mind I feel more content with myself.

Michel-Pure-Taste-juices-Full-2-2 8 Things to do to improve your Health and Happiness

Talk To Friends

Whether you’re in a bad mood or you just want to share your good vibes, friends or family are always here to share their time with you. I love meeting friends for a coffee or have some juices in the park together. Usually I visit my family on Sundays and I love to go back to the roots and spend quality time and good food with them.

Michel-Pure-Taste-juices-Full-3-2 8 Things to do to improve your Health and HappinessMichel-Pure-Taste-juices-Full-1-4 8 Things to do to improve your Health and Happiness

Spend Time In Nature

Due to our job and the trends in society, we spend a lot of time inside at our desks. And therefore, planning some time outside in nature is essential to your well-being. No matter, if you just go for a short walk or bicycle ride. The fresh air and sunshine has an immensely positive impact on your mental and physical mood. Don’t underestimate the power of going outside for a short work break. Pure energy booster!

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“Health is not defined simply by a lack of illness. Health includes laughter, love, and positivity. Mental health, physical health, and soul health. Being in health is to be in a positive state of well-being on all levels.”
― Avina Celeste

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