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Memories of 2017

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”
― Karl Lagerfeld

1-2017-in-pictures-january-e1515172947306 Memories of 2017 January was all about skiing and enjoying the Swiss winter. I was the first time on the Jungfraujoch 🙂
2-2017-in-pictures-january-e1515172992100 Memories of 2017 Spring was filled with different projects and of course enjoying the flourishing nature outside. Yoga is and was the constant in the past year and I wrote a few posts:
What Yoga is and what it isn’t How Yoga improved my healthHow Yoga changed my life3-2017-in-pictures-march--e1515173013862 Memories of 2017

In June after I finished my studies in St. Gallen and moved house, I went to Bali. For a month I travelled, did a lot of Yoga (met the inspiring Laruga Glaser) and met many beautiful souls and had just an amazing time! I ate so many smoothie bowls (the best at the Jungleroom) and a couple of times my body weight in fresh papayas and mangos ;P

If you’re interested in travelling to Bali: Here are a couple of posts you might want to check out: Canggu Travel Guide, Ubud Travel GuideTravel Bali & Jungleroom
Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.20.16-e1515170562511 Memories of 2017Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.20.04-e1515170539401 Memories of 2017

Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.19.44-e1515170523293 Memories of 2017

Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.19.30-e1515170502480 Memories of 2017

Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.19.07-e1515170485366 Memories of 2017

Straight back from Bali I went on a beautiful summer vacation with my family in the Alsace. You’ll find so incredibly pretty villages and houses. And I shot a sustainable glasses in the botanical gardens in Zurich.

Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.21.32-e1515170620887 Memories of 2017Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.21.15-e1515170581222 Memories of 2017

By the end of summer I went with my mom and our label (Alltagtasche) to present our products at a fair. And I signed in my Master Thesis

Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.22.00-e1515170659112 Memories of 2017 Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.22.28-e1515170682252 Memories of 2017

While most people were working I could fully enjoy the Swiss summer! It was a lot of solo adventure but just way so beautiful
Here is a post about Reasons to do more on your own
And I visited Valeria and Adi in their Bergesee Bungalow at Partnunsee. So incredibly inspiring this beautiful couple <3Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.22.41-e1515170701918 Memories of 2017


Yes, in 2017 my biggest dream to live in London became true. And it was an extremely rewarding experience. You might have noticed that it was rather quiet on the blog. But nonetheless, a few are the most popular posts over the time:

Our future begins NOW – Stop plastic consumption (HERE)

Explore with open eyes and learn (HERE)

London Love and Hate – Good luck or bad luck (HERE)

Best Parks in London (HERE)

The Beginners Guide to Happiness (HERE)

Destress, Relax and Enjoy – Mohr Life Resort Lermoos (HERE)

Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.23.13-e1515170719739 Memories of 2017 Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.23.35-e1515170735651 Memories of 2017 Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.23.52-e1515170750324 Memories of 2017 Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.24.13-e1515170770427 Memories of 2017 Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.24.29-e1515170799112 Memories of 2017 Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.24.42-e1515171122582 Memories of 2017

The time before Christmas was super intense with baking, interviews and a lot of goodbyes….
I hope you enjoyed this short wrap-up. Many, many more on my INSTAGRAM
(I was debating a lot with myself to post a review post, but I thought it’s nice for my own memory too ;))

Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.25.28-e1515171160561 Memories of 2017Bildschirmfoto-2018-01-04-um-17.25.43-e1515171179156 Memories of 2017

This year taught me a lot about gratitude, mindfulness and personal growth. Thank you for being part of this journey.


Music, Happiness and our Brain
Check in with yourself in 2018

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