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Check in with yourself in 2018


Stop apologising for being yourself and just be

Immerse yourself in new experiences

Be kind to people who are unkind to you

Patience is strength, build it up

Be your own soul mate

Ready-for-2018- Check in with yourself in 2018

Make every day an adventure

Say thank you more often

Be kind to your body, its the only one you are given

Look less at others and more at yourself

Give more than you receive, karma has a way of coming back to you

REady-for-2018-2 Check in with yourself in 2018

Learn to be happy  – and smile more

When it comes to friendships: quality over quantity

Be more sustainable and mindful

Treat the people you love like diamonds, they are rare and priceless

Switch off the computer and put away the smartphone more often.

*all photos by super talented Julien


Music, Happiness and our Brain
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    Thursday January 11th, 2018 at 07:05 PM

    Awesome photos and great advices 🙂

    x Gitta // http://www.gittawitzel.com

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