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I had a dream…


“My heart pumps…
It will hurt and take time
It will require sacrifice
…but it will be worth it…”

Olympics-Liebe-Statt-Vorurteile-Michaelablog-Figure-Skating-2 I had a dream...(*Ad)

At the age of two I saw this beautiful ice princess Denise Biellmann in the television. And I told my mum that I want to do this too.

But my mum said I am too young and I can try it when I am four years old. (In fact, she thought I am never gonna mention it again, as a two-year-old child is anyway just curious about everything…)

But this was not so, when I was old enough I insisted that I want to be a ice princess too. So I went to the skating rink and since I started learning to stand and skate on two blades I felt more and more passionate.

Following a dream often comes with hard work especially in sports. However, the passion and necessary motivation as well as the support of other people is necessary. I have been extremely lucky that my family supported me in every possible way. And not only by that, by mum drove or brought me often to practice and we spent many weekends travelling and attending competitions. In a family with 3 kids, it’s not easy to juggle everything.

However, my mum (and of course my dad too) supported me in every possible way. Often with endless LOVE! She motivated me in hard times, dried my tears, healed my wounds and was excited for the successes I accomplished. Your mom is always your biggest fan! Remember that, there is nothing more beautiful for a mother to see her child happy and passionate! SO with that I want to say „THANK YOU“.

With the upcoming Olympic Games P&G contacted me if I want to share the message. And as I could totally relate to the statement „LOVE INSTEAD OF JUDGEMENT“ I thought it’s lovely to share my own story.

Hope you like my little insight in my childhood and I am so curious if you had a similar sports (or hobbies) experience? Let me know (and btw how do you like the video?)

Olympics-Liebe-Statt-Vorurteile-Michaelablog-Figure-Skating-4 I had a dream... Olympics-Liebe-Statt-Vorurteile-Michaelablog-Figure-Skating-header I had a dream... Olympics-Liebe-Statt-Vorurteile-Michaelablog-Figure-Skating-6 I had a dream... Olympics-Liebe-Statt-Vorurteile-Michaelablog-Figure-Skating-3 I had a dream...

“The cold air rushes across my face
I can feel the ice rushing
Beneath my feet I feel powerful and happy
Skating is the closest you’ll
Ever get to flying…”

Olympics-Liebe-Statt-Vorurteile-Michaelablog-Figure-Skating-5 I had a dream...
*In collaboration with Procter & Gamble

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