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Best Parks in London


“Parks and playgrounds are the soul of a city.”
― Marty Rubin

Best-parks-in-London-Regents-Park-London-Michaelablog-1 Best Parks in London

As you might have seen on my Instagram, I am a huge nature lover. But coming to London there was nothing to worry. Because there are so many beautiful parks where you can escape the endless London buzz and dive deep in the quiet of nature. Recharging your energy, observing animals, picnicking, taking a relaxing walk or even doing Yoga 🙂
Best-parks-in-London-Regents-Park-London-Michaelablog-3 Best Parks in London

Regent’s Park

Regent’s Park always surprises me. While it’s known for the zoo and its many sporting fields, it also has idyllic lakes for boating and lovely flowers all around. What might have intensified my love relationship with this green spot is definitely the fact that I live just 3 minutes from the entrance. And also thanks to the morning walks to the Yoga studio I crossed the quiet and peaceful place when it was still dark outside 🙂 As I visited the park every day I discovered new hidden corners or watched the squirrels hopping around. Furthermore, Regent’s park is home to different Art events like the Frieze Art Fair and generally I watched many artists capturing the autumnal London beauty in art works.

More information: Here
Best-parks-in-London-Hampstead-Heath-London-Michaelablog Best Parks in London

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath has become one of my favourite parks in London. Its rugged terrain, extensive walking paths, and great views of the city makes me want to go back again. Furthermore, I think it offers you the best skyline view! Being there makes me feel like I’m a million miles away from the urban chaos of London, and the surrounding neighbourhoods are some of the loveliest in London. The houses are amongst the most beautiful ones, and there are a few vintage shops with amazing designer pieces (I discovered my Mulberry Vintage bag from the 80’s there!)
Best-parks-in-London-Hampstead-Heath-London-Michaelablog-2 Best Parks in LondonBest-parks-in-London-Hampstead-Heath-London-Michaelablog-1 Best Parks in London

Hyde Park

Definitely London’s most famous green space, Hyde Park deserves the praise it gets. From manicured gardens to swan-filled lakes, the vast expanse of land in the heart of central London has something for everyone. And for sure you find your secret and silent place if you want it. The flowers at Kensington Palace are so pretty and this is also the perfect stop after or in between your Oxford Street shopping craziness 😉 Better indulging more hours in the park instead of the shops (and spending less money :P) Hyde Park is just immensely huge so if you can it’s worth coming back again and again for exploration!
Best-parks-in-London-Hyde-Park-London-Michaelablog Best Parks in London

Holland Park

Not far from Hyde Park, Holland Park also has a lot going for it. The 54 acres of Holland Park used to be the grounds of Jacobean the mansion Cope Castle. Incredibly beautiful (I think even more in spring) are the Japenese-themed Kyoto gardens. The long alleyway is super nice and from the north entrance you are very close to Notting Hill too. And the lovely benches are perfect to take a rest and watch people passing by or reading a book and daydreaming.
Best-parks-in-London-Holland-Park-London-Michaelablog Best Parks in London

Primrose Hill

Adjacent to Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill has one of the best views of London. It’s just a short walk from Regent’s Park and also a great place to relax. It’s close enough to the city Center that many of London’s landmarks can be spotted without effort, but far enough away to offer respite from the crowds.
Primrose_Hill_London_view Best Parks in London

St. James Park

A very popular Park mainly because of it’s location and inclusion of touristic attractions like The Mall or the Buckingham Palace. Nonetheless, it’s a busyness I love to walk along the lake or when heading to the Buckingham Palace. In the summer it’s a wonderful place to have a picnic too 🙂

London_St_James_Park_2011-e1509270919931 Best Parks in London

Victoria Park

In east London, you’ll find Victoria Park which is London’s oldest public park and it has everything from boating ponds to cricket grounds and a Chinese pagoda. It’s not so Central, however combining it with a market visit or stroll around Brick Lane you can easily combine it.

Best-parks-in-London-Victoria-Park-London-Michaelablog Best Parks in London


I guess I could go on with the list because there are a few more I love so much like Battersea, Kensington Gardens… And for example Richmond Park is still on my list 😉  Therefore, the following quote sums it up!

“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass, it becomes a mysterious, awesome, indescribably magnificent world in itself.” – Henry Miller

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