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Ubud Travel Guide

Ubud-Travel-Guide-Jungle Ubud Travel Guide

Ubud-Travel-Guide-Michaelablog-Scooter-and-Coconuts Ubud Travel Guide

If you travel to Bali you definitely can’t miss out the vibrant heart of the Island. Ubud is famous as Mekka for Yogis on Bali and of course the healthy and vibrantly nourishing food. Next to the more relaxed and alternative South – Ubud is very traditional oriented. Temples are at every corner and the gift rituals are very present wherever you walk.

Compared to last year, I was a bit shocked as how much the town has changed… The traffic and touristic overflow was scaring. But I guess it was mostly because of the regular summer season and Hindu holidays and Ramadan coming all at once.

Anyway, as you might guess I came mainly for Yoga to Ubud and therefore I thought to create a Travel Guide especially for Yogis or people interested in Yoga vacations.

Ubud-Travel-Guide-The-Yoga-Barn Ubud Travel Guidephoto credit: Yogabarn

Yoga Studios

Of course there are plenty in Ubud and next to the super famous Yogabarn, there are a few nice spots you should write on your bucket list!

  • Ubud Yoga Centre – Let’s be honest, THIS is the place to go! They built it new a bit more than a year ago. And if you are looking for a Mysore Ashtanga class, Hot Bikram or a FlyHigh class. It’s not too crowded and has a breath-taking view. This is my all-time favourite!
  • Radiantly Alive It’s very conveniently located next to Bali Buddha and offers soft or restorative Evening Flows. They are amazingly relaxing after a busy or touristy day 🙂
  • Spacious Yoga Really cool is that in the morning you can do Yoga and from 9am you can enjoy amazing Vegan Food at the Seeds of Life Café
  • Ashtanga Research Center Ok, this is an experience of itself. The Shala of Radha and Prem is located right in the jungle and it’s so calming to practice there. The only thing is, that you need to commit at least a few weeks to the practice there. But highly recommended if you have time!

Ubud-Travel-Guide-Ubud-Yoga-Centre Ubud Travel Guide

photo credit: UbudYogaCentre

Ubud-Travel-Guide-Radiantly-Alive Ubud Travel Guide

Eat & Drink

Great Yoga studios and great food. Some many Vegan Places that you feel like in heaven 😉 I’ve tested many and here is my top five list:

Ubud-Travel-Guide-Sayuri-Mexican-Lasagne-and-Tiramisu Ubud Travel Guide

photo credit: Sayuri Healing Food


  • Sayuri Healing – This is the best every place. No words. Vegan. Healthy. You are in heaven!
    My favorite was definitely the Mexican Lasagne and the Tempeh with the High Vibowl. And the sweets ate a class for themselves! I think I tried all the nut-free cakes and the best was the (Vegan) Tiramisù. Or the chocolate Cakes are also to die for. And as said, all Vegan 🙂
  • Alchemy – I love that the place is a bit outside busy Ubud and feels like a Jungle House. Their Salad and Smoothie bar is amazing. Everything is so vibrant and fresh.
  • Moksa My friend brought me to this place on a crazy rainy rainy Bali day. Despite the rain I had the best Vegan Curry 🙂 It’s a bit more exquisite but definitely worth the money (and still so cheap compared to European prices)
  • Seeds of Life – Do Yoga and get your breakfast here or have a chilly evening with friends. The food is good too. Pizza, Pizza time 😉
  • SAGE – It’s famous too and you can find the most amazing smoothie Bowls and Salad Bowl. They have also interesting dishes with Jackfruit 🙂 Located close to Ubud Yoga Centre you can pop in right after Yoga to refuel 🙂

I could go on with my list of great restaurants and cafés to eat… However, this is my top five six 😉 Let me know if you have tried some or have any questions.

Ubud-Travel-Guide-Breakfast-Sage-Smoothie-Bowl Ubud Travel GuideUbud-Travel-Guide-Jungle Ubud Travel Guide Ubud-Travel-Guide-Jungle-Waterfalls-Michaelablog Ubud Travel Guide

Do & See

As Ubud is the one of the tourist hotspot I’d say that there is just plenty to see (and shop) while walking around Hanoman and just be curious where the tiny roads bring you. Some of the activities I highly recommend to do from Ubud are:

  • Ubud Market – You can get anything there. It’s like a huge bazaar. From Sarong to a Straw bag. Just don’t forget to negotiate about the price 😉 That’s real market feeling!
  • Rice Terraces – Amazing amazing! You’ll love them. Just be sure to go there when it’s not rainy season and also no harvest time. This year I was a bit unfortunate with the timing but nonetheless I remember it from last year to be just so beautiful!
  • Waterfalls – There are many beautiful Waterfalls close to Ubud. We visited three less famous ones and luckily they were not overcrowded with tourists.
  • Batur Volcano Hike – For the hike you get picked up at 2am in order to hike all the way up with your guide/group and be at the top for sunrise. This is a super demanding activity but I can promise you that it is definitely worth it. I remember wearing only shorts and it was literally freezing cold and also raining from time to time. And actually it’s more like a climb instead of a hike because you literally make your way up between rocks and sand.
  • Sebatu Water temple – Very impressive water temple not too far away. We combined it on a day trip with the waterfalls which was great. I suggest to visit the temple right before sunset because then there are less tourists 🙂
    In my opinion you can definitely skip the Monkey Forest unless you want to risk getting bitten by monkeys….

I think in the end I could go on and on because I loved it so much. I hope you find this useful and if you have any questions let me know 🙂 For now, I enjoy the weeks in Switzerland until I leave for the UK 🙂 Are you back from your holidays or do you plan to go on vacation now? BY the way, have you seen my Canggu Travel Guide? Or for a broader Guide, I wrote a post about last years experience here.

 Ubud-Travel-Guide-Sebatu-Watertemple-and-Pool Ubud Travel GuideUbud-Travel-Guide-Waterfalls-Ubud-Michaelablog Ubud Travel GuideUbud-Travel-Guide-Sebatu-Water-Temple Ubud Travel GuideTravel-Bali19-1 Ubud Travel Guidebali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-12-1080x810-header Ubud Travel Guide

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      True true 🙂 But it’s definitely worth it!

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    wooooooow sounds like a dream


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