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Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?


Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-2 Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-4 Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?

“Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.”
― Amit Ray 

Time is something that rules our lives and we cannot run away from it nor does it stop for anyone of us. Some days the hours pass too quickly and on others we can count the minutes and time just doesn’t move. I am totally a watch person and feel lost without a watch on my wrist and I would never say no to a Swiss version:)

I am sure that many of you have experienced ‚Flows’ where we are doing something we are very passionate about and do not notice the time passing. I personally experience this when I am creative, spending time in nature or also reading books…

But not only then – with Yoga I feel no time. It’s when I focus on the present moment and am not distracted by my minds future worries or past chores. – it’s just the here and now. The MOVE is just MY move and I love it. No matter on what– it’s the time of the day when I create a timeless space where I can be with and for myself. There is nothing better than starting the day with this positive and calm mind-set. What I love most about Yoga is that there is no competition. Of course you can see others doing fancy poses but even if you are not able to stretch the same way – who cares?! It’s about YOU and how you feel. Once you are present and mindful with yourself, there is no negative thought wasted on the outer look of a pose. Because it’s amazing as long as it feels good for you.

Right? What is the activity you forget about time and enter a FLOW? 


Watch – Swatch* / Yoga clothes all from Lululemon*

Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-4a Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-5 Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-5a Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-7 Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
― Mother Teresa

Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-7a Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-8 Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-9 Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-9a Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
― Andy Warhol

Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-12 Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-6a Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?Time-is-moving-Swatch-Michaelablog-Swissblog-Fashionblog-Lululemon-Yoga-13 Time is Moving – MY move, YOUR move?



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