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Ananas Asanas

Ananas-open-back-dress-1 Ananas Asanas

“When life gives you lemons, sell them and buy a pineapple. How to better your life 101.” ― Davin Turney

Ananas-open-back-dress-2 Ananas AsanasAnanas-open-back-dress-2a Ananas AsanasAnanas-open-back-dress-3 Ananas AsanasAnanas-open-back-dress-3a Ananas Asanas
Happy Friday!
You might think the pictures speak for themselves. And so you are right because I am literally soaking in every possible summer feeling that is currently blessing us in Central Europe. Therefore the dress couldn’t be more perfect. Catching up the word play – Ananas Asanas.  Well, apart from nearly interchangeable spelling the two words seem not to have much in common, right?

Currently in my mind – Fruits and Yoga. But for me these two words stand for what fills my life with purpose, hope and happiness. Since my Yoga teacher training in Bali I can feel and experience so many benefits from doing Yoga on a regular basis. This week I even made it to the Mysore classes before work (5 a.m.) which brought my Yoga passion to the next level. This is the traditional self-practice method in Yoga where the teacher acts as mentor and you do your Asana series on your own pace. So coming back to the photos, I think I look incredibly happy and just so much calmer, mostly thanks to Yoga 🙂 So let me tell my three main benefits from practice and good nutrition (actually there are so many more, but this for a separate post):

Brings you physical flexibility and strength

You only need to include yoga in your daily routine to benefit from a body that is strong and flexible. Regular yoga practice stretches and tones the body muscles and also makes them strong. It also helps improve your body posture for every day and can help to relieve you from body pain. You are truly healthy when you are not just physically fit but also mentally and emotionally balanced. This is where yoga helps: asanas, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation are a holistic fitness package.

” The success of Yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.” – T.K.V Desikachar


Gives you peace of mind

Yoga quells the fluctuations of the mind, according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra Yoga Sutra. In other words, it slows down the mental loops of frustration, regret, anger, fear, and desire that can cause stress. And since stress is implicated in so many health problems—from migraines and insomnia to lupus or high blood pressure — if you learn to quiet your mind, you’ll be likely to live longer and healthier.

Increases your self esteem

Many of us suffer from chronic low self-esteem. If you handle this negatively—take drugs, over or under eat, work too hard — you may pay the price in poorer health physically, mentally, and spiritually. When you take a positive approach and practice yoga, you’ll sense, initially in brief glimpses and later in more sustained views, that you’re worthwhile or, as yogic philosophy teaches, that you are a manifestation of the Divine. If you practice regularly with an intention of self-examination and betterment—not just as a substitute for an fitness class—you can access a different side of yourself. You’ll experience feelings of gratitude, empathy, and forgiveness, as well as a sense that you’re part of something bigger. While better health is not the goal of spirituality, it’s often a by-product, as documented by repeated scientific studies.
Ananas-open-back-dress-4 Ananas AsanasAnanas-open-back-dress-6 Ananas Asanas

“Your life is a sacred journey. It is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. You are on the path… exactly where you are meant to be right now… And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love.”
~ Caroline Adams

Ananas-open-back-dress-6a Ananas AsanasAnanas-open-back-dress-7 Ananas Asanas
Even though, I feel much more confident in my body I am aware that my physical state is still not what I want it to be (so please don’t judge on my bony arms…) but let me tell you that I am at a far better place than some years ago 🙂 And progress takes time.
Ananas-open-back-dress-7a Ananas AsanasAnanas-open-back-dress-8 Ananas AsanasAnanas-open-back-dress-2257 Ananas Asanas
Therefore , I encourage all of you to include some Yoga in your life – as in our stressed and incredibly judgmental society the practice can lead you to live a better life.But be patient 🙂

“Do your practice and all is coming.” ~ Sri K Patthabi Jois


What are your plans for the weekend? Are you off hiking or travelling and enjoying summer as I am? For more updates make sure to follow me on Instagram 😉

Ananas-open-back-dress-2317 Ananas Asanas

dress – gamiss* / shoes – KMB
photos by Julien

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  • Reply
    Girl & Closet
    Friday August 26th, 2016 at 04:37 PM

    Love, love practicing yoga and have been doing it for 10+ years. Couldn’t agree more, it has brought so much calm into my life and it’s my favourite way of staying fit. Also… you dress is gorgeous and that print couldn’t be more perfect. Love it!! Happy weekend, girl! xo


    • Reply
      Friday August 26th, 2016 at 07:03 PM

      Oh thank you so much <3
      Wow, then you must be very flexible and fit! I admire people who are dedicated to Yoga so much! They inspire me a lot! 🙂

  • Reply
    Friday August 26th, 2016 at 07:59 PM

    I may say that u look amazing with dresses, are really your style


    • Reply
      Friday August 26th, 2016 at 09:26 PM

      Thank you so much! This comment means a lot to me ❤️

  • Reply
    Saturday August 27th, 2016 at 02:00 PM

    Hallo Michaela,
    Ich bin ja ein Fan von deinen Outfits, deiner Schreibweise und außerdem und überhaupt. Ich bin so froh , dass es solche Blogs wie deine gibt, das hat noch Sinn.

    Liebe Grüsse

    • Reply
      Saturday August 27th, 2016 at 03:25 PM

      Vielen lieben Dank <3

  • Reply
    Cinzia Satta
    Saturday August 27th, 2016 at 04:54 PM

    You look great with this dress and the lace up! Thank for sharing your vision of yoga. Also I practice yoga, the benefits are certainly more than health!!

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    • Reply
      Monday August 29th, 2016 at 12:28 PM

      Dear Cinzia,
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment <3

  • Reply
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