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Travel Diary: Ubud

bali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-10 Travel Diary: Ubud
bali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-11 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-12 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-14 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-15 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-16 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-7 Travel Diary: UbudJumpsuit – Review*/ sandals – Topshop / hat – River Island


Happy Sunday!

What a rainy Sunday here back in Europe. The best way to look back to the wonderful summer in Bali. I want to share with you in a two part post some of my favourite spots and activities you can do while in Bali. As you you might now from the previous post, we stayed not in the most touristy area Ubud but still very very nice (and even better if you want to visit some untouched beautiful nature spots).

TEGALALANG RICE TERRACE: Whilst not in the centre of Ubud, the rice terraces are just a short drive from Ubud village. When you walk towards the entrance of the rice terrace you’re welcomed with a breath-taking panoramic view of the entire terrain. The majority of the terrace is actually located below the ground level and you can walk down from one end and up the other to fully soak in the amazing views. It’s really amazing especially as European and if you have never seen such nature before. The only thing which was really challenging was the heat and strong sunshine. Luckily I had my had with me and the wonderful jumpsuit protected my skin from getting sunburned.

Travel-Bali19-1 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-1 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-2 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-3 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-4 Travel Diary: Ubudbali-ubud-tegalalang-rice-terrace-8 Travel Diary: Ubud

VISIT: The Ubud Market is right in the centre of Ubud opposite the Royal Ubud Palace. This place is perfect to head to to stock up on souvenirs and local handicrafts and you can basically find anything and everything within the buildings and alleyways of the market. However make sure to be there when the sun is still out because usually most of the stalls close as soon as it gets darker.

STREETSIDE: There is so much to explore in Ubud and each time I went there I found an other hidden gem. It’s great to just walk and find new tiny stores or hidden temples 🙂 Coconuts are everywhere and consequently many drinks or foods are based with coconut. And to stay hydrated I was drinking fresh young coconut water every day! Best and super healthy drink 😉 Just walking down the street opens your eyes to the tranquil ways of village life where locals walk with baskets on their heads and eat by the street.

EAT: There are countless cafes and restaurants around the area and in particular there were a heap of vegan cafes. When you’re in Ubud you should definitely check out Nalu Bowls! They make the most amazing Açai Bowls and other super delicious smoothie bowls. Another great vegan place I can recommend is the Down to Earth Café which has a great organic shop downstairs with many amazing products not only food wise but also super lovely beauty products which where mostly Balinese. Kafe is another amazing place where we went for dinner. However, if you plan to go as a bigger group make sure to be prepared for a longer waiting time. Nonetheless, the food is definitely worth a bit of patience 🙂

I hope you liked this post and you might get inspired for your summer holiday?! Do you have already any plans? Let me know 🙂

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Travel: Bali

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