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Tips: 10 Tropical Holiday Essentials

P5011438k Tips: 10 Tropical Holiday EssentialsTravelling from wintery Switzerland to the other end of the world needs really some preparation and planning. Furthermore, as my last travel to a tropical destination is some time back I had some struggles (and still am). Actually I am a super duper procrastinator when it comes to packing suitcases. I know every time that I’ll leave it until the last minute, get super stressed and forget important things at home or pack unnecessary stuff 😛

Sounds familiar to you?! Then read on, I am sharing my most important travel essentials when you head to a tropical holiday destination.
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1) Face sunscreen, body Sunscreen

Always, always load up on sunscreen and SPF products when heading to somewhere tropical! The sun shines every day so it’s a good idea to pile it on. I also like to bring a separate tube of fragrance free face sunscreen too for added comfort as I find they soak in better and are more non-greasy than body sunscreens. For tropical countries, there is also the rare chance of coming into contact with dengue mosquitoes so a tropical strength / 30% deet repellant is also a good idea. I suggest to use a special facial cream for the face (especially when you have sensitive skin) and a milk for the rest of the body. When you’re not used to these hot temperatures a SPF of 50+ is sure for good to minimize the danger of getting sunburned easily.

2) Travel sized everything

The first time I went travelling, I didn’t have any travel sized containers and would bring my full 200ml cleanser bottles, big tubes of moisturiser and that entire bottle of makeup remover. However, over the years, I’ve started to realise carrying so much of everything is both useless and also really starts to feel heavy when you hit your third or fourth transit (hi interrail). So I’ve started collecting travel sized bottles to put my skincare in and it has saved me so much suitcase space and weight (all the better for filling your luggage up local souvenirs I collect on the way). Many tiny bottles can be reused and refilled with other products too. So recycling is a good choice to go for.

3) Books, movies and music

If you’re staying in a pretty resort, chances are you’re not going to leave it. Fill those poolside lazy afternoons accompanied by some of your latest reads, some iPad movies and music! For the course I am attending in Bali we got several book recommendations to dig into beforehand and also during the stay. So I want to make sure to finally take some time and devote it to reading 🙂 This will for sure be very relaxing and broaden your horizon.

4) Versatile set of sandals

Shoes are the heaviest things you’ll bring wardrobe wise so if you want to travel light(er), then the best thing you can do is to pack less in the footwear department. Try for a set of shoes that will work with a variety of outfits and concentrate on neutral colours such as white, black and tan. A pop of colour can be useful and fun too if it will work with a few different outfits! I chose these beautiful and comfy slippers from Selected Femme and will also bring a pair of sandals and walking shoes. Important is just not to choose to heavy pairs 😉

5) Swimwear you LOVE

It’s likely you’ll be in the water a fair amount of time so bring some swimwear you love. Bright colours are a great idea for summer holiday vibes. Or try out a beautiful swimsuit for a change? Optional extra: your own beach towel for relaxing in style. Completely optional though, as resorts often have endless supplies of towels anyway!

P5011447k Tips: 10 Tropical Holiday Essentials P5011456k Tips: 10 Tropical Holiday Essentials

6) Travel wallet

It’s always better not to carry all your belonging in your big wallet with you. I therefore have a smaller travel wallet which is only filled with the most important things (passport, local currency, credit card, emergency contacts etc)

7) A sun hat

I’m sure its no secret by now that I can’t go ANYWHERE without a hat. Since starting my blog this has kind of become a signature of sorts, not for any other reason than I just like hats (okay, and it stops me from having to do anything with my hair in the morning!). But I am so sensitive to sun exposure and therefore in summer a hat is an absoute must!

8)  A portable charger

As a blogger I tend to use my phone a lot whilst travelling, answering emails, updating social media and just generally keeping in touch with the world + my loved ones back home. Sadly my phone battery does not agree, so I always carry this portable charger with me to make sure my phone battery lasts an entire day (especially useful when you’re lost – just duck in to a cafe and use their free wifi for directions!)

9) Noise cancelling headphones

I can’t recall if I’ve mentioned this on my blog before already, but noise cancelling headphones are for sure the best investment I have ever made toward enjoying long haul flights or even just daily comuting to work.

10) A scarf

There is perhaps no other single garment in my hand luggage as a scarf. They are handy to combat airplane over-air-conditioning, to cover up when entering religious sites, or to cover a stain on your t-shirt (yup, we’ve all been there!). Also it’s a great accessory when it gets a bit chilly at night for example.


What are you’re travel essentials? Do you have other tips I need to thing about before leaving on Wednesday? I’m so curious let me know!
And by the way, make sure to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (michaelascalisi) for frequent updates 🙂 Byebye!

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