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    Travel: Mini Guide London

    PA314386_1024 Travel: Mini Guide London You may have seen that on Instagram that a few weeks ago I went for a prolonged weekend to my favorite city – London. It’s been such a long time since my last visit and therefore even though I was really very sick (fever and flu’) my sister and I spent a wonderful time there. Of course you need to visit the regular touristic spots when in the British capital (talking of Westminster and London Eye) and stop by at Oxford street for your shopping cravings 😛 But there are also some really hip places we discovered that are definitely worth a visit. So continuing the Mini Travel Guide from Milano back in November here is the Mini Guide from London and I hope you like it 🙂 From my side it’s a lovely recap of memories, before I am heading to the next destination 🙂 This time it’s Bruxelles! Not only for vacation but for the Solvay Business Game. Probably some of you (especially those attending Business Schools) have heard of that? These are Case Challenges from companies to be solved and presented by University Master students 😀 Continue Reading →

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