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Tips for better sleep

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Again it’s been super hot the last couple of days here in Switzerland. The intense heat make it nearly impossible to sleep at night. At this is so annoying as I’ve got so much going on and therefore I need a good sleep at night. But even though it’s getting cooler again, I have to say that this weather makes me just happy 😀 Today I want to share a few tips which I find helpful and work for me. Probably they may help you too. Do you have any other recommendations?

1. Shower Warm
Take a warm shower before bedtime. That might help your body to regulate the temperature. A warm shower opens up the pores and blood vessels that helps your body to cool down.

2. Sleep in a light pajama
It’s best to sleep in a light and airy night gown or just in shorts and a shirt you feel comfortable in.

3. Drink a lot
With this I often struggle and I have to remind myself very often. Especially during the day it’s essential to drink enough water. This protects your body from dehydration, headaches and regulates the body temperature. It is important to not drink too cold waters as this makes you even thirstier. (hot tea is actually really good)

4. Turn off all devices
All unnecessary devices should be switched off. That’s important as they are as well sources of heat warming up your room even more.

 5. Tilt the window
As it gets cooler at night it’s a good option to tilt the window. But be careful with draught as you might catch a cold or a stiff neck. That happened a few times and make you feel even worse the next day.

6. As little in bed as possible
I have banished most of the unnecessary pillows and duvet from my bed. Basically, the less pillows, blankets, etc. in bed the less heat can be stored. I only use a cotton pillow and a light blanket.

7. Light dishes
The diet has also a major impact on the quality of sleep. On hot days, it’s good to avoid heavy meals at night and eat something more light and mild. Therefore it’s also good to have something that is easy to digest.

Sleep well!

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