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Tips: How to pack your suitcase

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Hi guys! I always struggle so much with packing and often procrastinate it until the last minute. And that results in a too heavy suitcase with too many clothes and other not so essential things. So even I’m still not a master at it I want to share some tips with you guys probably sitting in the same boat as me.

1. Must Have Essentials

  • Pack copies of  important travel documents (eg: passport, visa, insurance cards, etc) and e-mail yourself a scanned copy to be readily printed.
  • Pack must have medications, prescriptions and other difficult to replace items. Every country has toothpaste, but if you have some specific medication you need than make sure to pack all items.
  • Be sure to pack your student ID card. Many museums give significant student discounts. (I’m always on the hunt for special offers :P)

2. Packing (The most difficult part)

  • Pack light. Overweight bags are expensive, and more than two are a hassle.
  • Start your packing list early and jot down items you think of as you go throughout the day.
  • Try to take not too many clothes but more basics that you can combine into different outfits.
  • Take clothes with you that are comfortable if you are traveling for long hours
  • If you can drink the tap water where you are traveling, packing a reusable water bottle will save you loads instead of pricey bottled water.

3. Traveling

  • Stay hydrated, get some sleep and try out the street food. Taste the city without spending too much.
  • Peruse farmer’s markets and groceries for an inexpensive meal or snack.
  • Inform yourself beforehand about activities and Must See Spots
  • Adapt immediately to the new time zone. This will fight jetlag and help you adjust quickly. (not for me this time )
  • If you are on a plane or train, periodically get up, stretch and walk around.  Even that little bit of exercise will get your blood flowing and reduce aches.

4. Safety

  • Travel smart-keep in well lit places at night and stay in groups.
  • Beware of pickpockets and bring a bag that zips close or in a rucksack pack your wallet inside safely.
  • Leave your expensive jewelry and watches at home.
  • Don’t keep all your cash in one place. Consider a money belt, or under-shirt pouch.
  • Be sure to let someone know your itinerary, and keep in touch with home occasionally.

5. Study up

  • Learn a couple key phrases in the local language before you leave.
  • Have a daily schedule that you can adapt to depending on the weather and always be flexible if something doesn’t turn out as planned.
  • Be sure to let your bank know you will be abroad-check which banks/ATMs are okay to use where you are traveling.
  • Credit cards often demand an extra fee. Double check withdrawal rates before leaving.
  • Due to differing WiFi abroad, a paper map beats Google maps any day abroad. Learn how to use a map and carry one with you when you travel. (Or replace it with offline maps on your smartphone)
  • Research what converters you’ll need for recharging laptop and phones. I even considered a portable charger.

I hope that helps and wish you a wonderful day. Anything, I’ve forgotten? Tell me your ideas!

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