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     flower crowns – Here

    So today I want to share with you some of my tipps and secret favorite sites. And also I can finally announce that I’m soon going to travel again 😀 This time it’s going to be super exciting as we are planning an Interrail trip around Northern Europe. As some of you may have experienced it’s always  difficult (in my opinion) to choose among all the different options and possibilities. Of course as a student you need also to keep an eye on your tight budget. Therefore I guess I mastered the task of comparison 😛 I spent lot of time finding good deals and there is always a more convenient option. Before even starting to book anything you need to think about the trip as a whole and what you want to do or where you want to go.

    First of all we defined the stops and cities we want to travel and also the exact dates. As with an interrail global pass you need to choose between the different packages for traveling and the exact start day. But that’s the only think and the rest you can be creative according to some restrictions (e.g.   number of days to travel). And then I think the fun begins as you can create and book your trains directly on the Interrail site and they assist you even with booking your seats, what in my opinion is really cool. As it really depends what kind of trains you take a reservation can be mandatory, so this is really important taking into account when planning.

    For the accommodation there are so many comparison sites you can choose according your budget. I like it to first compare other users opinions on tripadvisor or also the rating platform is pretty awesome. Another site I used was ebookers where I was the lucky girl to apply even a few great deals with an ebookers coupon! So you might also keep an eye on the offers and I think they have every now and then different amazing deals you can profit from. Here are also another list of  ebookers codes for summer. Of course also airbnb is always a great option to check as well, but in my planning case the great or lets say more convenient housings were to high priced. But still I think you can find really great deals. And it’s more personal then some of the standard and anonymous hotel rooms.

    Our trip includes also a flight journey and therefore I used comparison platforms like swoodoo or what shows you always the best prices and times. But in the end you can still go directly to the airline homepage and book from there. Airline pricing is so super intransparent (god that drove me crazy) like the prices fall and rise in just few minutes and when you finally want to book the option is not available anymore. Ahah, not the best experience. Possibly someone can give me some advise here?

    So if you have set these boundaries for your trip you can start checking and creating adventurous activities 😀 This is apart from the real experience the most fun part.

    I hope this post is helpful if you’re also planning you vacation. If you have other good tipps or questions, don’t hesitate 🙂


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