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    Stockholm II

    PA187559 Stockholm II
    PA187560 Stockholm II
    PA187563 Stockholm II
    PA187568 Stockholm II
    PA187569 Stockholm II
    PA187571 Stockholm II
    PA187572 Stockholm II
    PA207608 Stockholm II
    PA207611 Stockholm II
    PA207615 Stockholm II

    coat, bag, dress – topshop, scarf – market, shoes – dr.martens

    Hi friends! Here is the second part of the amazing Stockholm trip. When I look back at these pictures I nearly can’t believe that it was so freaking cold that days. Because in those photos the sun is shining all the time 😉 Anyway that day we explored the Old Town called Gamla Stan. This area of Stockholm is built on an island and the streets are very narrow. All the houses seem to be very old but still so well preserved.

    We walked also around at a street market. There people were selling lots of mushrooms and we were wondering how there are so many in this Northern country….

    And again we stopped in many cafés 😉 And I wore my new teddy fur coat from topshop! Aww, I was so in love that I just had to buy it 🙂 Well, I think now I have found my favorite winter coat and I won’t be freezing :))


    unterschrift-1-5 Stockholm II
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