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February 2013

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    London III

    P2033022web London III
    P2033025web London III
    P2033026w London III
    P2033027w London III
    P2033038w London III
    Here is the last part of of some London snaps. I can’t tell you how much I miss the city!!! Especially
    now as it’s Fashion Week time…. I’d love to be there soo much but not everyone is so lucky 😉
    Well, I had a lot of time to do shopping… Also very fashion related ;D
    I went to Covent Garden and visited the lovely market and then on the way to Rokit (2&3)
    there was funny magician :)) Does anyone know how that works? Haha
    And then of course – Carnaby Street!!! I love as it’s just a few steps from Oxford Street away.
    That day I visited also the photography gallery and at last I took a bus along Selfridges back
    to my hotel 🙂
    I guess London has always a big place in my heart and I’ll end up living there one day ;))
    Good night
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